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Diego tells on himself.  It is one of  the funniest things ever.  If I tell him not to do something and he gets away with it, it is guaranteed that within a couple of minutes of the crime you will hear


When I ask him why he is sorry, the story spills out. 

I have become a pro at not laughing and being very serious about the fact that mommy makes the rules and he needs to follow them.  But really, how  hard can you be on a kid that tells on himself?? 

Quite a few random questions have started to plague me, adding to the others I think of when I can’t sleep at 3am. 

Will Diego ever understand why he has had to have all of these interventions? 

Does he know that other children don’t have Ms. Kims, Ms Lauras, and chewy tubes?? 

Will I be able to have a conversation with him when he is an adult about all of the things we had to do when he was a kid??? 

Will he ever understand  how being on the autism spectrum sets him apart?? 

Will he know that even though he isn’t “typical” ,that he is still a productive and useful person? 

With ASD’s becoming so prevalent will society realize what a fantastic and funny boy he is?? 

Will he be accepted??

I did not come up with a single answer and these recent unanswered questions have left me feeling uneasy.

These came in the mail today. 

Narwhal and Beluga meet Blue

Watching Diego delicately remove the Narwhal and Beluga from their packaging was so sweet. 

Diego doesn’t usually do anything delicately 🙂 . 

 He was very excited to add the Narwhal and Beluga whales to his recently obtained Blue whale and he hasn’t stopped asking to take a bath since he set eyes on them. 

We are amassing quite the ocean collection in our home.

Next on D’s list??

A squid and a grey whale

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  1. You are so incredibly articulate. I love reading your posts.
    Your questions about Diego and his future are all similar questions that I have been asking about my Harry.
    I’ll let you know if I get answers to any of them!

  2. therocchronicles

    I have many of those same questions too–it’s so hard not to know the answers!



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