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Congratulations Nana!!

Brag time!!!

Yesterday was my mother’s 11 year anniversary of her sobriety and everyone was meeting at a local restaurant for dinner to celebrate.

I was very nervous about taking Diego on my own as Rickey was scheduled to be at work, but figured that we would try it and worst case scenario is that we would have to leave if it all became too much for him.

Anyway it turned out that Rickey had yesterday off and this put me at ease a bit.  Having the two of us to attend to Diego was way better than just one of us.  

Before we left to the restaurant, I prepared a PB&J dinner (I think I have mentioned that is all Diego will eat for dinner at this time), some sensory stuff, his whales, and his Leapster.

We were as ready as we could be.

When we were walking up to the restaurant, Diego said ” Oh no! Not this place, it bumps my head.” 

We told Diego that if it got to be too much that we could just leave and he seemed to be happy with that.

We got in and the restaurant was the slowest that I have ever seen it! 

Thank God!!

Other than Diego getting a bit annoyed that I didn’t bring the headphones for his Leapster (mom #Fail), Diego did a fantastic job!! 

Rickey, Lyric and I tag teamed through dinner.  We did use all of the resources we brought, but hey that’s what they were there for!  

Diego made it through the entire dinner happy and smiling.  He also gave one of the folks at dinner a brief lesson on his whales when she mistakenly called them

I am so proud that he was able to regulate himself enough to make it through dinner, especially since things have been pretty tough around here lately

There has been lots of talk among the professionals and myself  about regression.


I hate that word and I am not going to blog about it today.

I am just going to rejoice in how fantastic dinner at a restaurant  went for our family!

Off to Diary of a Mom’s Community Brag Page  I go!!!

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  1. :: happy dance ::

    a successful dinner in a restaurant is a MAJOR achievement. Congratulations.

  2. Isn’t amazing how something so ordinary to most people like dinner-out, is something else entirely to family’s like yours and mine? Great succsess story and congrats to your mom!


  3. therocchronicles

    Whoo-hoo is right!!! LOVE it when things fall into place like that (though FALL isn’t really the right word when we prep like crazy to make things go right!)

    Congrats to your Mom too–that is NOT easy–so wonderful that you all acknowledge the hard work!!

  4. Hooray for successful dinners!! That picture is adorable. And, congrats to your mom on her wonderful accomplishment; that’s something to be very proud of. 🙂

  5. hooooooray!!!


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