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Just Wonderful!

Today was the antithesis of yesterday.

Thank God for that!

The Natural History Museum here in San Diego recently opened a dinosaur exhibit and I thought Diego might like to see it.  I was concerned about taking him and with all of the people and the noise that it would be a sensory nightmare.   I did some brainstorming and figured that if we got there right when it opened on a Sunday morning that it might be ok.

I am learning 🙂 

Right when we walked in, a model T-Rex greeted us and then right above us was a life-size model of a shark and a whale. 


He absolutely LOVES sea animals and all we had expected to see were dinosaurs, so this was a fabulous surprise. 

I have NEVER seen Diego so excited, not on his birthday, not on Christmas morning….never

I was so happy to see the pure joy on his face that I had a hard time not crying right in the middle of the museum.  There was barely anybody there and Diego got to see everything, it was like the place belonged to us!  We tried to watch the ocean movie that was playing in the museum’s auditorium, but it was a bit much for him and we left.  He didn’t have a meltdown, I could just feel his body tense up and we left before the shit hit the fan.


On our way out we visited the museum shop and Diego made out with a blue whale and a T-Rex :).  While he was very happy with our purchases, he was quite disappointed that the museum didn’t have a Narwhal whale.  About two weeks ago I bought him a book called “The Children’s Guide To Sea Animals”  and he fell in love with the Narwhal whale.  He has been asking for one everyday.  I broke down and told him that I ordered it online and that it should be in our mailbox soon (i’m not very good a keeping presents a secret 🙂 ). 

His smile was priceless

Once we  were finished with the museum , we walked around Balboa Park for a bit and grabbed some lunch.  We had mini picnic while the saxophonist in the park played on. 

It was heaven.

Just a beautiful and wonderful day.

We both needed it.

The single mitten D insisted on wearing 🙂


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  1. That is awesome! My girls love the museum, it is one of the few places we can safely visit as they get so entranced by the exhibits that there is rarely any meltdowns.

  2. Yay!!! I love the pics of handsome Diego!

  3. Doing a happy dance for you guys! 🙂

  4. therocchronicles

    Yay!! I got to read this not long after reading yesterdays post! So glad you had a good day. I’ve learned to try to time things as well–it’s the BEST when you get to go someplace like that-and no one else is there! So, so great for our kids.


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