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All Things Macabre

Diego has a new interest in all things macabre.  It is still in its infancy(and hopefully stays this way), but death and killing are common themes when conversing with Diego, no matter how many times I try to redirect.  I do not let him watch violent shows, no video games at all, nada.  His play therapist and I have tried to speak with Diego’s dad about what he allows Diego to watch, but of course that falls on deaf ears.  So now that Diego isn’t with his dad as often, his exposure is that much less.  I figured that might curb some of the death talk. 

It hasn’t.

 He never talks about “killing” anybody, just others killing others and death in general. He also talks about being a dead fish, I’m sure he must have heard the phrase somewhere because it has been script in our home for some time.   

As times passes the random statements are becoming  more concerning to me. 

Like yesterday while we were driving he interrupted the silence by saying “mom,the taste of my blood is familiar.”  I looked back right away to make sure that he wasn’t bleeding…he wasn’t.  I asked him if he knew what familiar meant and he said “I’ve tasted it before.”  Then I asked what he meant by it, but he didn’t respond to the question and went on to talk about Whale Sharks. 

(did you know there is a sea animal called a whale shark??  I just learned this from Diego a couple of months ago…who knew?? *shrug*)


That statement really threw me for a loop.

When I told my mom and R about it,  they were less concerned about it being morbid, and were more impressed that he used the word “familiar ” in the proper context. 

I think I am going to speak with his therapist about it….It is so bizarre to hear things like this come from him.  He is a pretty happy kid….it is really bothering me.  I remember reading John Elder Robison’s book “Look Me in the Eye”  and the part where he says something a bit morbid to guests at a  party his family insisted he go to always stands out to me when Diego talks like this. 


Better new is that since Diego’s time with his dad has been reduced he has been falling asleep by 9:30 at the latest!!!! 

Except for the Monday nights after the Sundays he spends with his dad. 

Less anxiety=better sleep?? 

I think so.

I am keeping track of the days and times on a calendar and will present this to the court. 

Next week I am taking Diego to meet with the special education team at the school he will attend next year, and then the following week we will have the transitional IEP meeting….with everything that has been happening I have fallen victim to awful sleep a.k.a A.I.I (anxiety induced insomnia, cleverly put in acronym form by Roc’s mommy 🙂 ) .

Do any of us sleep?? 

From what I have read, I don’t think so.  Maybe A.I.I  just comes with the special needs territory?? 

Problem is I’m so exhausted that a lot of stuff around the house is getting neglected. We won’t even talk about the 3 inch roots that I have sprouted on my head or my eyebrows that are desperately in need of a threading or the toes that remain unpolished.  Well it is only the two last toes on each foot, they don’t show when I wear open toed shoes so why waste my precious energy painting them?!?!…lol…Lyric looked at my toes the other day and thought it was so strange that only half of them were polished…I told him that I just didn’t have the time…his facial expression at my response was priceless… 🙂

Ok I’m going on about toenail polish…


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  1. very funny and the amazing blog that you have created on the web that is very nice and the amazing articles that you have the discussed it here.

  2. I got some pineapple vodka to help me with the anxiety induced insomnia! I’ll let you know how that works out!

  3. I have heard of other children having an interest in the macabre.
    I’m not sure when it becomes a concern though. I’m glad you’re going to talk to his therapist about it. I really hope you get the answers you need.

    It’s wonderful that Diego is getting a little bit more sleep but it sucks that you have fallen victim to A.I.I. yourself. That’s all you need right now 😦

    I think massive sleep deprivation might have something to do with special needs territory – a lot of the AS parents that I know are completely exhausted most of the time and they are not even dealing with the draining issues that you are.
    Even I came home from dropping the kids at school this morning and went back to bed for 3 hours!
    Don’t worry about your house being neglected- looking after yourself is much more important. Go and paint you toenails and sit down even if only for 10 minutes and close your eyes and rest.
    I’ll be praying for you and your situation. xx


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