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As I type this D is going on 20 minutes of crying and screaming at me to stand in a certain spot, so that he can ask me nicely for some tater tots. 

He just got home from his father’s house 30 minutes ago. 

To say that these tantrums put me on edge, doesn’t give justice to how they really make me feel.  I get nauseous, want to cry, want to run away, want to give in, want to hug him, basically do anything to make it stop.  But I don’t because none of those things will make it better for Diego in the long run. So I sit quietly and wait for it to ride out, unless Diego becomes aggressive then it is time for him to take a 4 minute “break”.  He hasn’t become aggressive yet and I am thankful.  4 minute “breaks” make all hell break loose. 

I know part of why he is really so out of sorts today, dad’s house, and the holiday (which throws off his routine). There are also plenty of things that I don’t know about that are contributing to his raised anxiety level.   This is so frustrating. 

I feel helpless.

He usually saves the tantrums for home. 

He did great at  my little sister’s wedding Saturday night, he was actually more well behaved tan some of the other children in attendance, but when we got home it was tantrum central. 

It takes so much out of me and I feel selfish for writing about how hard it is for me, when I am sure it is ten times harder for him….

The tantrum has subsided (30 minutes strong) and my mom is here with Diego’s early birthday gift (a fish tank).

Peace at last.


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  1. I know exactly what you are saying!!! I feel like a hermit and don’t want to go anywhere anymore (holidays, I mean) since the family lives 2 hours away and it takes a lot out of my son and me! He’ll be thrown off his routine, want to stay home without seeing anyone for a period of time and then it takes him nearly a week to recover.

    Hang in there with the tantrums! I know that is hard, but keep being consistent (i know that is sooo hard too)!

  2. Oh, you know I know about the tantrums!! It doesn’t matter how many you “do” with them, they always feel hard. Hugs.

  3. I try to channel my mantra of “better at home than in public”, but sometimes that gets really old. Hang in there!


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am happy to discover yours! Love the T. Attwood quote at the top of your blog, btw!

  5. Oh, honey, I wish I had a magic answer for you. Fiona said it so well… you ARE doing the best thing possible in the moment. We’ve all been there and understand the heartache, the frustration, the exhaustion. Sending hugs.

  6. Sometimes I find I lose my empathy for my son and I just scream back.
    Of course this NEVER works- it only escalates the situation but what I’m trying to say is that there are people out here who do “get it” and want to make it all go away for you and reassure you that you are doing the right thing, because the “right” thing for your child is what you can manage right now.
    And an autism therapist once told me:
    “They save their tantrums for the people in their lives that they know will love them through it and despite it.”
    So, if people haven’t seen what my son is like when he is in one of his “harder” moments , I tell myself that it is because my son is not comfortable enough witht the people around him because he is not confident that they will accept him warts and all xxx

  7. therocchronicles

    This happens at our house too–so frustrating. I always want to give in to make it stop, but you’re right–it doesn’t do them any good in the long run. What we have to be thankful for is that they can keep it together for the most part and save the worst behavior for home!


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