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Diego (at dinner): “Mommy I get full if I eat three of them.”


Me: “Ok Diego so you are full??”

Diego: “Noooo I get full if I eat three of them!!  I only have two of them.”

*think Shivon think, ok he is having PB&J (the standard) and nectarines….what is he talking about three of them?? wait two things the PB&J and nectarines, he must want more food!! Then it would be three things…*

Me: “Diego, honey are you still hungry??  Do you want something else to eat?”

Diego: ” Yes mommy three things.”

Poor kid as hard as it was for me to figure that out, it must have been so frustrating to him  that he couldn’t just come out and say “mom, I want more food.”

Yesterday was a hard day.  Besides the migraine that I was overcome with I was almost in full panic attack mode.  Diego has been having a very hard time the past two weeks, with everything.  As a result of this he is acting out physically.  He hit a boy at school because the child said he was friends with one of Diego’s only friends at school.  When I attempted to speak to him about it, he just said that *Josh couldn’t be *Adam’s friend because Adam was his (Diego’s)friend.  My poor monster, he didn’t understand that a person can have  more than one friend.  You could tell he was very anxious about losing his friend.  So I tried to explain, and use examples.  I am crossing my fingers that it will help.  Diego also keeps saying that he wants to be sick.  When I ask why he wants to be sick, he says that if he is sick that he won’t have to go to school. When I ask him why he doesn’t want to go to school, he says his friends are mean to him 😦 .  At times like this, I just want to take him and run away to a place where everyone is nice and all is ok.

Not very realistic.

I try to talk about what he can do to make school better and let him know how wonderful he is.  I am not sure how to help him regulate his anxiety to better navigate the social situations he his having such a hard time with.  Looking for a book on this and if you guys have any recommendations please let me know. 

I spoke with Diego’s play therapist yesterday.  She did the Gilliam Asperger’s Disorder Scale and Diego scored 100 (pretty damn high), which is HILARIOUS because the school pysch said he didn’t even score in the lowest range when she did it.   So the play therapist is going to compose a letter with all of her findings from the time she has spent with him. 

This will help. 

I hope.

The appointment for the  second pysch assessment is on Wednesday April 7th with Dr Alan Lincoln who founded CARES here in San Diego.  Last night mid migraine I took a close look at Diego’s speech development.  It has never been on point.  I dropped the ball because when we were referred for speech therapy I didn’t pursue the 6 month wait it was to get in.  At the same time he started pre-school and his speech was getting better.  I had been told so many times that the fact that he was learning  a dual language was responsible for his speech delay.  Once he left the spanish speaking home daycare and went to pre school I just  figured all would be well.  It got better, but not as it should have and I just figured he was gonna take more time.   I am trying not to beat myself up about not being mroe pro-active, ummm but yeah. 

Easier said than done. 

So when I speak with the psych next Wednesday I will bring up the possibility of a High Functioning Autism Diagnosis versus an Asperger’s Diagnosis since a speech delay is what separates the two in the DSM. 

Diego would get more services with a HFA diagnosis.  I will also bring up the fact that Diego does much  better with adults and will question exactly what his assessment will entail, and will request a school visit as a part of it.  A lot is riding on Dr Alan Lincoln and his diagnosis and it is driving me nuts!!  I have been reassured by a counselor that used to work for him that he takes what the parents say very seriously and I hope so because my experience is that I am treated like a crazy woman. 

I hate being treated like I am crazy, when all I am looking for is to get my baby the help he needs.

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  1. Hugs and prayers that everything goes well at the appointments.

  2. therocchronicles

    Deep breath. Keep breathing! You’re doing a great job girl. And he is able to tell you “three things Mommy” and it will only keep getting better. One step at a time.


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