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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Dr Lincoln is going to think that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after I present him with the indexed and organized binder of  Diego’s prior assessments from psych, speech, OT , and his teacher. 

It is really quite lovely if I do say so myself.


Really…busy work is the only way I am going to keep my sanity until the appointment on Wednesday.  I don’t want that psychologist to miss anything, so I have made all of the reports as easy as possible to read and navigate through.  Along with this I have gone back in time and noted which speech milestones Diego did and did not hit on time (with the help of his aunt 🙂 ) then put them on a spreadsheet. 

What the hell else am I gonna do when I can’t sleep at 4am??

I figure the spreadsheet will be good for both Dr Lincoln and our second speech assessment on the 19th. 

I think that I am better prepared for both this time around.

Did I mention that I am a hot no sleep having mess?? 

 In all of my anxiety and angst I forgot to write about the NFAR Race For Autism that we did this past Saturday!!  There were about 3,000 people out and it was a beautiful sight to see.  I was so touched that my family, friends and many others came out to support. 

Lyric ended up running, cast and all, the entire 3.2 miles in 32 minutes!!  I am a horribly out of shape petite girl and walked the 3.2 miles in 54 minutes.  My mom and Candace took pity and walked with me the entire way. 

I hate running…with a passion!!

Give me a bike any day…or pilates again. 

But it did remind me that I should take better care of my physical health, I’m not getting any younger and my pant size is only gonna grow. 🙂

It might also relieve some of this stress that I have going on.

Just a thought 🙂

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  1. I have had to designate different binders (medical, school, and then one for this year to keep track of school work so I can compare from the beginning of the year and look at goals) Good on you for getting started–it will really help during appointments!

    And running? Give it a try–I swear you will like it once you get started! It is a great stress reliever!

    • Oh I have my own personal binders arranged similar to yours:) I just got a little OCD and made a mini folder of reports for the psych to have at our second assessment. I love my binders and they helps so much at appointments

  2. so i’ll see you monday morning around 5:45??? is that what i’m hearing? =) see you then to get the boys ready


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