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The only thing….

The only thing constant in life, is change. (Stephen Marley, “Now I Know”)

We are in the middle of some huge changes in our house, changes that make it hard just to keep my head above water. 

But change is needed, change signifies growth, no matter how hard it is on the soul.

Apparently God is much more confident than I, about the amount of strength I posess. 

Maybe after the major changes are said and done, I will be on here more. 

I need to be, as I need our community now more than ever. 

My brain has been so preoccupied with the many things going on in my life, that even the thought of writing a blog tipped the scales in favor of an emotional breakdown.

But the most pressing emotions have been processed, decisions have been made.

The most important thing is that the kids and I are coming out on top.  Our souls are a bit battered and bruised, but we are going to be ok.

We have one other and phenomenal friends and family.

Blessed is an understatement

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  1. I’m sorry life has been hammering you. I have eery fauth you will come out even stronger for the heat of the fire you’ve been through. You know we’re here when you are ready and need us. xo

  2. Sending you positive vibes, glad you are back!


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