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The Writing Is On the Wall….=)

A few weeks ago, I finished decorating Diego’s room. 

Sea Animals out.

Dinosaurs in.

At the head of his bed there are two T-Rex dinosaurs, I flippantly mentioned to Diego that we could put his name on the wall in between the two dinosaurs.

I told him that once I found the letters that I would put his name at the head of his bed.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went into D’s room to wake him for school.

“Mommy look!”

“My name!”

“I found the letters!”


He wrote it on the wall in marker….

But….he wrote it.

So obviously, I couldn’t be upset.

He has been working very hard at writing his name and I did tell him we were going to put his name on the wall.






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  1. We are “all dinosaur, all the time” here too!

  2. Awesome work Diego! And awesome work Shivon or being such a great understanding mom xx

  3. Now that I am a parent of a child who has autism, I am amazed by the things I see as blessings that tend to upset parents of “neurotypical” children. My daughter wrote all over our walls one day with ball point pen. But I couldn’t be mad because I remember when she couldn’t write one thing. Thanks for sharing this post. -Molly

  4. Diego, Beautiful job! When Noah was just learning to write his name, he wrote in marker on a RUG. I chose to take a picture and be happy – and I never regretted it 🙂 That’s awesome!


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