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Dino Dan Revisited

UPDATE: It might help if I made the video public!! *sigh*…Thanks Nikki!

Diego received his letter from Dino Dan!!!


I love him (Diego) so much

Please tilt your head slightly to the left to watch the video that I couldn’t rotate no matter how hard I tried….lol….perfect evidence of my not being the most technical gal 🙂

It was too cute not to share though 🙂

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  1. Aw, look at that adorable smile and giggle! Okay, that seriously gave me a case of the happy tears. Loves it!!! Diego is so freaking adorable.

  2. Oh, that CUTE face at the end! And you’re my hero for being able to put ANYTHING on YouTube!

  3. therocchronicles

    The giggle!!!!!!!!! OMG! So cute.

  4. Yeah pretty much….

  5. Hearing you say “Dino Dan” is just about as cute as hearing D giggle hahaha!
    That was a super cute video. His little giggle was just so awesome =)


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