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My first….


My first blog…….I thought long and hard about whether I really wanted to do this. 

Let the world into my own. 

But upon the inspiration from a few others that have done this, I figure that maybe this might help someone as I have been helped by others, and at the least this will be therapy for me even if nobody reads it. 

I have a child with special needs.  

That still feels  so surreal to say, write, etc…

D was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder)September 8th of this year, along with this diagnosis he has a diagnosis of a Pragmatic Language Disorder and a Sensory Processing Disorder (this is pretty consistent with children on the spectrum). 

I always thought D was a quirky kid, but also figured that this was just his personality.  It wasn’t until he transferred into his 4 y/o preschool class, did I suspect that something more might be going on. 

D can take or leave any kind of social interaction, has an obsession with all animals, sea animals in particular, may look you in the eye if he feels like doing so,acts like he drank a red bull first thing in the morning, has a special affinity for touching anyone’s ears (including his own for stimming purposes),and is a major fan of routine as well as rules.  D is a happy child (dispelling the myth that kids on the autism spectrum aren’t happy), has the best sense of humor, loves to hug (even if it is a little tighter than the average hug), and can be extremely engaging if he chooses to do so.

I took D for what I thought would be a  full 4 hour psychological assessment in August and after spending 1 1/2 hrs with him,  the psychologist stated that she really couldnt put her finger on what was going on with D, but to get all of  the therapies for a child on the spectrum and check back in a year.  Well this was unacceptable for me, so we saw a neurologist extremely well versed in Autism Spectrum Disorders who diagnosed my D with Aspergers Syndrome.  So what exactly does this mean??  What do we do??? What does our future hold??  Needless to say my life that past few months has been filled with sadness,joy,doubt,confusion, frustration, and anger.  I am very blessed to have the support of  my wonderful fiance and  10-year-old son (who happens to be a fantastic big brother!), my mom, and my sisters.

In writing this blog I hope to share everything that I learn along the way to help anyone else in my position.  I will be completely honest, share our good times, bad times, our progress and our set backs. 

**as a side note I am learning how to navigate this blog deal, so as my knowledge increases hopefully the mistakes will decrease**

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  1. Wow I just learned my 3.5 year old son is Autistic this week. I never heard from anyone before you about stimming…and the love of ears. My son has always done that…little did we know. I just started a blog about our journey as well. Thanks for posting!

  2. very much looking forward to your posts. i’m already enjoying these little windows into your interactions, your interesting kiddos…thank you for posting.

  3. All of life is a journey and I look forward to reading more about yours. Like the blog, please keep writing it is theraputic


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