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They are supposed to be round!!!

spaghettiI read on another blog that the change in weather/seasons affect our children on the spectrum.  This may explain why D has suddenly decided to be terribly rigid at dinner time. 

2 nights ago I gave the boys a choice for dinner spaghetti, (which was going to be done a bit late because we got home a little late) or chicken noodle soup.  L decided chicken noodle soup was fine, and after a taste test D decided that as well, we  had also  decided earlier that after we  finish dinner that we will paint pumpkins (they didn’t want to carve).

OK great!

So i’m cooking spaghetti and the boys sit down to eat their chicken noodle soup.  D comes into the kitchen and says he doesn’t want “the orange things” that are in his soup (carrots) I say ok and I take them out.   D comes in about 10 minutes later  and says he doesn’t want his chicken noodle soup but he is still hungry…ok….spaghetti is done, he likes spaghetti, so he can have some of that.  D is good with spaghetti for dinner until I bring it to him… “Mommy this is not psghetti!!!” I proceed to tell him it is…and  he says “NO!! These noodles are not round!!!” *sigh* I ran out of spaghetti noodles and decided to use fettucine noodles instead of going back to the store….Rickey and I tried to explain that they tasted the same and D even tried a bite, but he would not eat them at all with the constant reminder that they were not “round noodles”….So here we are, an hour into dinner time (that started late anyway) with no food in D’s stomach and he is obviously not doing well because he is stimming like crazy…. I tell him that he doesn’t have to eat but that “the rule is we have to eat dinner before we do pumpkins”.  

He sits for another 20 minutes, mind you he is screaming and whining the entire time and then finally leaves his food and goes into his room.  A  few minutes he comes back out and asks about painting the pumpkins to which we responded that he will have another chance to do them after dinner tomorrow evening, needless to say he wasn’t happy about this at all. 

Bless our Rickey because even though he didn’t feel well at all he dealt with this meltdown, and my 15 minute crying episode afterward….when D has his issues it really hurts me, because I feel so helpless….Rickey’s hugs help a bit,although nothing really takes the pain away.

So last  night I let D choose dinner, hoping this would make the evening go a bit smoother.  He chose chicken nuggets.  I’m like FANTASTIC he always eats those!!!

Dinner was still filled with bargaining and a bit of whining, but after an hour we got the majority of the dolphin and whale shaped nuggets eaten and painted pumpkins!!  Which came out super cute.  I will post those pics tomorrow….

So as we head to bed last night, D was telling me about his tia’s back pain and I responded “oh I see”…his response?? “you can’t see mommy, she is at my abuelita’s house”   I love my little monster and his extremely literal mind 🙂