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The First Two Days of Kinder at The Big School

First Day at The Big School

My Facebook status update on Monday

“Text from Diego’s teacher about his day today
‘Shivon!!!! He did amazing!!!!! Made a friend and played soccer at recess!!!!’. Ummmmm my baby kicked ass today and today I am going to celebrate this victory and not worry about tomorrow. =)”

Diego’s first was more than I could have ever imagined. I would have been fine if he made it through the day without completely melting down. But my amazing little boy not only DID NOT melt down, but he played soccer at recess WITH OTHER KIDS and even kind of made a friend. He also did phenomenal at the after school program. I allowed myself to enjoy they accomplishment that day, and did not allow myself to worry about Day #2.

While Day #2 wasn’t as fantastic as Day #1, he still did not melt down. I asked him how recess went and he told me that he played soccer for a “little while” and then walked around gathering leaves because he needed “some time alone.”

My little old man.

He also had a hard time with the after school pep rally. He told me that his ear plugs were hard for him to put in by himself , but that he “made it through.” I will talk to the after school teacher about helping him with his ear plugs next time.

After school and homework have been a bit of a challenge as his threshold for everything is significantly lower. I assumed this would happen. I think it is hard for D keep it together all day at school and home is safe for him, which loosely translates in to tantrum city. I have been managing it ok, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it is exhausting.

I am stressed and tired…lol….not unlike any mother to special kids like ours.

I am meeting with the new school psych this afternoon to discuss Diego’s upcoming assessment. These damn assesments always make me nervous.

So I am trying to breathe and wait to worry until it is all said and done.

Ha! Wish me luck with that =)

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  1. What a wonderful start, and here’s hopes that it continues!

  2. I have a son with special needs AND I work in Kindergarten, so I am very happy to hear your son had a great couple of days. I hope he has a great school year with a good teacher and kind peers. 🙂

  3. So glad he had a great day!! Hang in there for the after school meltdowns. My daughter has one almost daily after school and sometimes before school (anxiety). She does great usually at school holding it together. She is becoming more verbal to tell me how hard it is actually for her. I admire these little ones they are so brave for all that they overcome!!

  4. Congratulations on a good start! I have that same kind of thing with my oldest. He holds it together at school and then unleashes on me at home. It IS exhausting. Fingers crossed that things continue to go well!


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