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A Long Way To Go.

I forgot to buy Pull-Ups at Target….damn it…..of course I didn’t realize that until I was getting Diego ready for bed. I threw on my chanclas and glasses, grabbed my keys and headed to our local drug store to pay twice as much than I would have at Target, but thats a different rant.
Once I got to the drug store I was distracted by pretty nail polishes for a bit, then kicked myself in the ass for lagging (there was a certain young man unnerved by the disruption in his bedtime routine waiting at home getting increasingly annoyed by the minute). I grabbed the pull-ups then got in line to purchase my goods and leave, when I noticed that I didn’t know the cashier.
There hasn’t been a new hire at this store in a long time, anyway, as the new gentleman was ringing up my Pull-Ups a woman came in and asked the cashier if he would help her pick out “two sympathy cards.”
Visibly annoyed by the request, the new guy rolled his eyes and said “in a minute.”
Why am I writing this blog about my drug store excursion??
Because the woman that was asking for assistance with choosing “two sympathy cards” had a significant developmental delay. It was obvious, before I could offer my assistance, the man behind me asked her if she needed to know where the cards were located in the store?
She said “yes, but I also need help picking them.”
The man fell silent.
Then the new cashier blurted out “SEE that’s a whole other story, isn’t it??”
While she stood right there.
I was livid, all I could see was my Diego having the courage to ask someone for help and being treated in such an inhumane way.
As he handed my change I asked the woman if I could help her and she politely accepted. While we walked over to the cards I asked her what the cards were for exactly?
One was for a friend that lost a sister and the other was for another friend who recently lost a brother.
What a wonderful sentiment right?!
We spent about five minutes reading cards and she chose two.
I asked her if she would like my help checking out to which she politely declined and thanked me for my help.
Turning so she wouldn’t see my tears I replied “my pleasure.”
When I got to the front of the store, the cashier turned to me, looking incredibly ashamed and said “thank you.”
I would like to tell you that I was the big person and responded in turn, but what I really did was muster up the dirtiest look I could and shot it to him in response.
It is shit like this that reminds me that we have a long way to go as a people.

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  1. This is one of the reasons I think you are so incredible. Your heart is always big enough to care. ALWAYS. xi

  2. So proud of you hon. Not only did you help someone, I am certain that man will think twice before he acts like that again to anyone else. You did a wonderful thing!

  3. I would sooooo go out of my way to talk to the manager about that. But, hey, maybe you taught him in a much better way than being yelled at by a manager. The world is lucky for you. XO


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