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Time To Help

It is time for us as mothers, friends, and family to band together. 

One of our own needs our help. 

Many of you know Beth and Nik, if you don’t please visit her blog at

 Beth is an amazing mother and friend, she has been instrumental in helping me keep my sanity (along with a million other things) the past year of my life.  Anyone that has received an autism diagnosis, knows how isolating it can be.  Beth let me know that I wasn’t alone.  Despite everything that is on her plate, she is always reaching out to help someone. 

Nik is an amazing little guy, super smart, funny, and cute as all get out!  No really he is way too cute!!  

Nik using his borrowed iPad


Nik is also pre-verbal and needs an iPad and we can help.  We have all read about the amazing Apple autism apps, not to mention that the iPad will, most importantly, help Nik communicate with those around him. 

Amazing right?



go here



The amount doesn’t matter….just something….I know our community and I KNOW that we can do this!

Once you have donated please take that link and send it to EVERYONE you know.

Thank You


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  1. You are an amazing person. With all that you have going on too…what you are doing is truly beautiful.
    and how could we not help such an amazing mom like Beth?

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  3. I am humbled and deeply moved, Shivon. As you know, we’ve had some pretty tough times lately. This? Restores my faith in humanity. xo


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