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A Rough One

“Today is not a good day for a nervous breakdown

The reality of this statement is what is allowing me to keep it together.

As I repeat this in my head, I am reminded that  too many people would be affected if I had a nervous breakdown today. 

D is starting Kindergarten Thursday, Lyric just started junior high, the wedding is in two months, etc….

None of these major events grant for me to lose it, add the usual happenings of our life and it is even more apparent that a nervous breakdown would be a complete inconvenience.

I’m fine, usually too busy to sit and think about the gravity of trying to keep it all together.  But then there are rare times, like right now, that the complete weight of everything crushes me, leaving me absolutely convinced that I can’t wake up and do it again. 

It is such a low and hopeless place. 

I hate it.

But I will get through it because I have before.

This is what will get me through today.


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  1. not to be cliche – but time to defy gravity!! from what I’ve read, you can do it. I know the feeling that everyone is depending on you. Take a breath, hang on tight, and do what you need to do to make things ok for YOU.
    We’ll get through it together – just like Jess said.

  2. therocchronicles

    You will survive and thrive love. I promise, and I KNOW where you are, I’ve been there too. Take deep breaths, close your eyes, and smile. You are doing an awesome job. Jess is right, we’re all out here thinking of you, rooting for you and yours. Deep breaths.

  3. you’ll get through it because you are stronger than you think you are. because you are as fiercely loved as you love fiercely. because you CAN. and because there’s a gaggle of us out here in the ether holding you up today. take time for yourself somewhere in there. run ONE less errand and take a walk today. promise me, k?


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