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Goodness it has been a very busy week…..I have no idea how I made it through…but I did!!

Yay me


School…as many of you have read previously Diego is to start Kindergarten this year.  The plan was that he would enter a public school with his IEP but no aide.  Not my plan, the school’s plan. 🙂  The charter school SPED Team, was wonderful, but aides are a lot of money and they are hard to get.  So the plan was have D start in a mainstream classroom with a student to teacher ration of 26:1.

Panic attack anyone?!?!

  So as the days have been leading up to the first day of school, I have been a hot mess. 

Randomly, the director of his pre-school stopped me last week and asked me about our plans for Kindergarten.  After I told him, he asked me to call him in the morning because he wanted to talk about a few things.  I was thrown off a bit, especially because the director and I just recently had it out regarding the court asking for info from the school.  I had no clue what he wanted to discuss as court was over and nobody had contacted the school about anything. 

Anyway, I called him the next day, and this man offered my baby a full scholarship to attend the private kindergarten that the pre-school also runs.


I was slightly skeptical at first, but expressed my appreciation at his generosity, and told him that after speaking with Rickey that I would phone him back.  Kindergarten at Diego’s Pre-school is $10,000, we could have never afforded that, especially with my reduced work schedule due to Diego’s appointments. 

The Kindergarten class student total is 8 students (NT), all of whom Diego is familiar with from pre-school, and one of which is his only preferred friend.  

 “Twin friend”, is what Diego calls him.

The teacher is currently being trained by an outside company in ABA therapy because the school is pushing an inclusion program. 

No brainer right??

So obviously,we accepted. 

This will give us another year to try to prepare Diego for being mainstreamed into the first grade the next school year. 

I  can breathe a bit easier this school year….slightly

I still have to speak to the district IEP team regarding how to handle Diego’s IEP now that he will be attending a private school for this school year.

Fun times…

On a side note, I went to Target to pick up a few things and had a “moment.”

It is back to school time, so parents were out in full force with their children excitedly buying things to prepare for the school year. 

As I was trying to grab my stuff and check out, all that was going through my head is that these parents were so lucky that all they had to worry about is whether or not their child would be happy with their new backpack. 

I know I am being presumptuous in thinking that none of those parents had any children with special needs. 

But at that moment I thought of all the prep we have had to do, to try and help Diego sit through class, make friends, write, and that is just the basics.  I don’t need to go over the IEP process with you all, because that in and of itself can drive a parent mad. 

I was so envious of what seemed to be the simplicity of their lives.  I stood there with my very heavy heart and knot in the pit of my stomach, jealous, full of self-pity, angry, and sad.   

I quickly got what I needed from tha store, walked much faster than usual to my car, sat in it, and cried my eyes out.

This is pretty consistent with how things have been with my emotional state. 


The Tenex is working with Diego’s auditory sensitivity.  We have just got up to the maintenance dose and I hope to see improvement in other areas, but I will take this for starters :).

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  1. That’s terrific! I hope the first day goes well. Looking forward to reading about it!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Something as wonderful as EIGHT KIDS, and it came to you and you didn’t even have to ask for it!! It is about TIME the universe gave back! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes. This could be such a crucial year for him, congrats!

    Trust me, speaking as a former teacher, class size is (almost) everything!

  3. Ohh, sending hugs for your “moment”, I too have had similar ones and they are so damn HARD!

    But YAY! excited for you about the scholarship!!!!

  4. therocchronicles

    That kindergarten placement sounds AWESOME. 8 students! Kids he knows! A PREFERRED FRIEND!!! A teacher being trained! Woo-hoo! I am SO happy for you. Sending them to kindergarten is stressful enough, this sounds like a MUCH better place for him than in a room 26:1.

    The shopping moment: I have those moments too. It’s hard not to look around and think that everyone else has it easier than you/your child. I try to tell myself that everyone is on their own path, and that everyone has their own battles to fight. They might be personal (depression, family stress, etc.) but they are hard just the same. Sure, there are some people who everyone is going perfectly (right now) and then I remind myself that I have a deeper connection to what is “really” important in life. An awakening I wouldn’t have had if not for these challenges.

    What is the Tenex for again? Maybe we’ll have to chat – my ears perked up when I read “auditory sensitivities” That the Roc’s MAJOR one. I pack sound muffling headphones when we are going somewhere there might be loud noise (like the children’s museum). I’m interested to know more.

    Sounds like things are smoothing out in some respects. Hold onto that. And seriously, that K placement is so awesome. I really wish I could have something like that for my little man! He would do so much better in a small classroom size like that.

    I can’t wait to hear about how the first day goes for him!


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