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Tenex and Kindergarten

*driving home from Lyric’s summer camp*

Diego: “Mooooom…..we must pray to the earth.”

Me: “Oh….really???”

Diego: “I prayed to earth when I was sleeping.  The earth spoke to me.”

Me: *maybe I am playing too much reggae around*

“It did? Well what did the earth say?”

Diego: “The earth told me I need ketchup AND ranch with my chicken nuggets.”

Me: “Oh…..”

Well Day 5 of the Tenex and I think I may be able to check off “personality change” from my list of concerns.

So far so good. 

We had an issue of drowsiness for one day after starting the Tenex but he got over that.  On Friday I will add his morning dose, but even on just the evening dose there is improvement in his participation in circle time at school. 

Yesterday his OT and I both noted less anxiety as he ALWAYS asks what’s next and didn’t one ask at all during their entire hour yesterday.  He also tolerated the screaming by another child much better than usual.  Children crying/screaming is Diego’s kryptonite, he loses all motor planning, speech ,and starts to either stim like crazy or get very very silly.  Yesterday his speech was definitely affected but he was still able to get the task done. 


Most definitely.

But the kicker was Monday in the waiting room of his social skills group.

Diego said “Hi” to another child in his group.


Not even a minor prompt…


He simply LOOKED at the other boy and said “Hi, look at my snake book”

I cried

right there

in front of everybody and their mama


So maybe the medication that feels so incredibly unnatural to give him is working just enough to take the edge off and allow him to utilize some of the skills he has been taught consistently over the past year.

I am cautiously optimistic.

Kindergarten starts in a little over two weeks, and this will be the true test.  He will be completely prepared with sensory and visual support materials.  I bought them all as I prefer not to depend on the school for this. 

lol…control freak much?!?!?

Hopefully between the material support, the therapies, and the Tenex he will do well. 

Hopefully there will be no need for a personal aide, although the look on D’s preschool teacher’s face when I told her that he would not have an aide mimicked what I have been feeling.


D will be starting a school readiness social skills group this Saturday and we will be digging into his Kindergarten social story this weekend as well. 

The Transitional IEP meeting should be happening the week of August 23rd and then school starts on the 30th.

My anxiety is through the roof!!


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  1. Sometimes I think our anxiety as parents of kids on the spectrum is 10 times that of the kids themselves… Hang in there!

  2. That is SO GREAT about what you’re seeing in Diego. Fingers crossed for kindergarten, can’t wait to see how it goes!

  3. therocchronicles

    I understand this kindergarten anxiety well! I was right where you are one year ago and I’m back there again as the Roc will be repeating in the full inclusion room! It’s all so stressful! So glad you’ve seen improvement with the Tenex, I know that must be a huge relief!



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