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Poem: Degrees

I know him better than any degree you have obtained
gives you the arrogance to think that you do.
Can feel the high frequency of his anxiety
The low rumble of his confusion
The love that presents itself in non-traditional forms
ear grabs
“squeezie” hugs
We are connected
Since conception
Communicate through biological text scribed on our hearts to one another
words transported through the blood that flows through our veins
Text that I allowed your degrees to erase for the first two years of his life
But he refused to be ignored, inscribied his letters on my soul this time
hope and faith
in me
he restored my intuition
Intuition that you call hyper-vigilance.
Intuition that you would like me to ignore because if I don’t, I may I may find you cowering behind the degrees you so proudly display as armor.
Let’s label him a behavior problem, blame my parenting, allow you to push him aside like you have done to so many.
Cram him into your statistic of a troubled latino child from a broken home.
Wallowing in your ignorance must be comforting.
So comforting that when the same words
you use
to intimidate those less knowing into silence and complacency
come from my mouth
it disrupts your natural balance of things
leaving you anxious
unsure of what’s next…


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  1. By the way its so great to see you writing again, I know how you love it!!!!!!!!!! ok I’m done. Mami

  2. Shivon this is beautiful. I see your story through it. Your words touch me in ways that make me feel a pride so deep, I find it hard to put words to it. I love you. Mami

  3. Beautiful, powerful, moving. Just like your love for your boys. xo

  4. therocchronicles

    This is awesome girl! What a wonderful poem! And that pic–LOVE him! You’re pretty good looking yourself too!

  5. Beautiful poem! And “squeezie hugs”? Really!!! We call them that too 🙂 I’m beginning to think more and more that Colin and Diego are twins separated at birth!

  6. Shivon, this was beautiful. Truly, you are doing such a great job with Diego and handling so much other “life crap” simultaneously. I am impressed, and trust me, that doesn’t happen often to me these days…

  7. ‘You will speak hesitantly at first, but you’ll find your voice. You will come to see that no one knows your child better than you do. You will respectfully listen to the experts in each field. You will value their experience and their knowledge. But you will ultimately remember that while they are the experts in science, you are the expert in your child.’

    just sayin


  8. Shivon- firstly- Diego is so damn CUTE! I could just squeeze him!
    And what a beautiful mom you are. LOVE the pic! GORGEOUS!
    Secondly- that is an amazingly honest and insightful poem. It;s so beautifully written.
    It was obviously written during some pretty hard times. I’ll stand by my opinion that Moms know their kids better than any stupid “professional” and you have captured that perfectly.
    Good on you for standing your ground and being such an awesome advocate!
    Woohoo- you go girl!


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