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Lyric attends a YMCA camp during the summer, it is a decent place and he has fun every year. 

When I picked Lyric up from camp today I found myself fighting a breakdown as I watched a boy,about 7 years old, who had a potty accident,  being relentlessly teased by two other boys around his age.  His dejected,dirt streaked face broke my heart and just as I was walking up to the boy a camp counselor intervened. So I went on my way as the counselor was admonishing the other boys for teasing the other.  But as I went on my way, I found myself struggling to take each step.  I felt like I could just have collapsed right there.  I was so sad for that little boy, and for my little boy who may face a similar fate at some point in his life.  The hurt the boy felt while being teased was palpable and I just wanted to hug him. 

I doubt that the boy had special needs, but who knows?  Maybe he did.   All I know is that when I got home and reflected on it, that I cried hard for some time.  

I brought it up to Rickey, and he said teasing is just a part of life and that it is fine. 

But to me it isn’t “fine”. 

Especially with our kids, our kids who have a hard time communicating, never mind defending themselves. 

All I can think is, what if that were MY baby and it produces such a gut wrenching horrible feeling.

Now if you all will excuse me I am off to get the best hug/ear grab ever, that always seems to make things right, even if just for a moment.


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  1. Teasing is so harmful, I used to hate seeing it occur so much when I was a teacher. I’m sorry you had to see that, but what a wonderful choice you made to temper the pain. There is almost nothing a hug can’t help erase!


  2. yea…teasing shouldn’t be taken lightly. the years of “boys will be boys”, “it’s just a part of life” -and/or whatever other cliche phrase you want to use to dismiss the problem- are loooooong gone. It’s not okay, it can cause real damage, and should never be overlooked.

    However, with love and support from his fam and correct intervention from his teachers, any teasing moment can be turned into a teaching moment.

    It’s stressful, I hate ever seeing it, but it should NEVER be down played.

    D has a lot coming his way and I can understand why you feel the way you do. You sure aren’t the only one w/ it on your mind =) foreal! But I think he will surprise us all with his strength of character.

    I love that kid


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