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Betrothed?? ;)

My little sister started dating her man and got married recently, during that whole process Diego met a little girl named A. A’s father is a great guy and my sister’s hubby’s best friend,  it just seemed natural that he was family…

A is one of those little girls that runs things and her strong personality is perfect for Diego, because she doesn’t give him much of a choice to interact.  So once he got comfortable speaking to her it was over.  A is kind of a tom boy, this was perfect since Diego’s idea of a good time is rough housing!  The night of my sister’s wedding I brought both A and Diego home early, poor A wanted out of her dress and into some shorts, and Diego had enough.  He really held it together considering all of the noise and people.  My mom, Rickey, and A had a big part in this.  Thank God for the all of them. 

Anyway it got late and I made a bed for the two of them in the back room so that they could wind down before A’s dad came to get her and in the hopes that Diego would pass out before midnight.


Not long after  the kids settled down a bit Diego says, “Mooooooom A kissed me!! on my cheek!!”

I walked to the back room and saw Diego wiping his cheek as if there were poison on it and A giggling.  I asked what happened again and Diego replied, “the doggy kissed her cheek and then she kissed me!”

Ay mira!!

Diego had been carrying a stuffed puppy dog around all day, when I asked if that was the doggy that kissed A on the cheek, he told me it was.  A, still giggling told me D made the puppy kiss her cheek so she kissed his. 

I was dumbfounded

First off I really thought it was pretty cute that Diego was attempting to show affection and then second I was at a loss as how to handle the actual kissing of the cheek.


They are four years-old!


I explained to the kids that it was great that they wanted to show each other that they liked one another, but that is was probably a better idea to hug instead.  While I was explaining this Diego was practically wiping his cheek raw, it took him a good while to let it go. 

Poor guy, he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into!

Once the kids were settled again I walked out of the back room into the living room and told Rickey what happened.

His response??

“That’s my boy…”


The ongoing word in my family is that Diego and A are now destined to marry, lol…I don’t know about that but they take the best pics together!!

It might seem silly, but I cherish these easy friendships.  Probably because the reality is it may not be so easy for Diego later.  I thank God for the kids that seek Diego out and make him their friend. They are so patient and so kind.   I have noticed that Diego is getting tougher to get to.   It was quite clear the other day at his school, when a couple of kids, at different times tried to interact with him and he was oblivious to it.  Diego starts his new social skills group in a couple of weeks and I hope it helps.

There is so much else to blog about, but this just seemed appropriate today.


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  1. I’m excited for his group to start! I have so much confidence that he will do well; he’s truly AMAZING to me =)

  2. Adorable pictures! Am equally impressed you know how to put them on your site.


    These moments are so wonderful, and how perfect for you to have captured it visually and in words!

  3. ok, seriously? cutest pictures EVER!

  4. therocchronicles

    So cute! I’m with Darcy that little girls seem to play better with my boy too. He just got to spend time with his little cousin and she runs the show-perfect for him. She doesn’t give up either–also perfect for him!

    I love those pics!

  5. Awww they are so cute.

    Heidi has just started exchanging kisses with a boy at school – they are 5yo! She suggested if his parents died then he could come live with us and a few days later when we saw his mum in a shopping centre carpark Heidi said we should run her over so he could come live with us 😮

  6. Oh my….the are far too cute! I’m SO happy for Diego that he has a special friend!

  7. OHMYGOSH! They are ADORABLE! Great pictures.

    I’ve always found (until he discovered Mario games, that is) that C connected better with girls than boys. Something about their more patient, nurturing natures, I guess. And I LOVE having girls over to play – so much easier than the boys, where I always seem to be intervening! The girls just seem to direct, and all is good.

    Anyway, super cute. If they do grow up and get married, you’ll have some great pics to share at their wedding. 🙂


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