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Good Enough??

I had the pleasure of posting a guest blog over at  autism mommy therapist today!! 

You can go there or read below!

“When I waited for Ryan at the end of the school day, I would study the Good Mothers. They were amazing and marvelous, right out of a magazine. They brought cupcakes when they were assigned to bring cupcakes. They remembered gifts for the teachers on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, always wrapped in color-coordinated paper and ribbon. They exercised regularly while the kids were at school. They left successful careers to devote themselves to motherhood. They were patient and kind. Around them I felt the way I did in press boxes early in my career: I was out of my league, unable to grasp how to be as good as they were. ~
Joan Ryan “The Water Giver”
R and I had a “discussion” a few nights ago…well it was more like R talked and I listened.

While his approach wasn’t gentle, it was definitely an eye opener and very necessary. He says that I have become consumed with Diego’s autism and that my quest for perfection is going to send me right into a nervous breakdown. He told me that he is so concerned about me, that he thinks of it constantly.
He is right, I eat, sleep and breathe autism and have done so since we got a name for D’s issues. Logically I know that this isn’t good for me or my family, they need me at 100% and I can’t be at 100% if I am not doing anything for myself. I can’t tell you how many hours I spend researching various therapies while beating myself over the head for not being able to do more and I guess at the end of the day, that is my real problem, always feeling like I need to achieve perfection.

Not only with Diego but with all I do.

I am constantly plagued by thoughts of: the house is never clean enough, I don’t spend enough time with Lyric, I am not keeping myself up like I used to, not enough adult time with R, I’m not doing enough at work, not being a good friend….etc…you get the picture.

The problem with expecting perfection is that I let myself down often.

Why do I need to be perfect?!?!

I don’t expect perfection from anybody else!!

Who knows, but after talking to R it is all too apparent that my quest for perfection has to end. Being hypercritical of myself is leading to other issues with our relationship and that isn’t good. Somehow I have to be alright with the fact that I can’t achieve perfection.

This is way easier than it sounds, but I know it is crucial to my happiness.

So how does one become ok with being “good enough”??

Hell I don’t know, so I discussed it with Juan. Juan is the therapist that consults with me about parenting Diego. I went to see him last Saturday and the second he asked me if I was ok, the tears started flowing. I apologized and told him I had a very hard week and he simply said “don’t be sorry”. Then all of a sudden it all came out, everything I have been thinking and feeling since D was diagnosed with an ASD. I don’t think I have ever been so forthcoming with anybody about it prior to this. Juan is a very stoic man, who quotes psychological literature often and rarely says anything out of emotion, and I like him this way, seeing as how I have enough emotion for at least three people. Two people like this trying to problem solve would just be silly.
Anyway, Juan began to tell me about Dr. Daniel Winnicott’s school of thought on the “good enough mother.” You can read more at the link, but basically I am not doing my children any favors by doing everything for them. Being “good enough” means giving them the tools to deal with obstacles in life as they arise. This is in stark contrast to what I do now. If I don’t stop what I am doing, I may end up resenting my beautiful monsters and turning them into narcissists.
So with this concept of “good enough” starts a new journey, not only with parenting, but in life. Juan and I sat down and came up with some concrete ideas about how to feel alright about being “good enough”.
I can’ t control everything, so therefore I should do all I can in any given situation and then ride it out. If the result isn’t what I want, then it is back to the drawing board. I am excited about this and really think it will make me so much happier in the long run.

Happy Mommy=Happy Family

What is good enough to you??


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  1. oh honey.

    i’m right there with you.

    go easy on my friend, would ya?


  2. You received a nice comment Shivon, check it out if you have time!


  3. Wonderful post Shivon!
    It’s made me take a good hard look at myself too. *ahem* LOL

  4. therocchronicles

    I was all consumed for a very long time as well. It’s very hard to find a balance and keep it. But it’s so important, so I keep trying. I hope you start to find some balance as well! 🙂

    My father-in-law always says “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” and it’s true!

  5. It was a pleasure to host you today Shivon! Thanks again, wonderful entry!

  6. Your post couldn’t be more perfectly timed! I’m going to check out the book. Hugs, girl. Big hugs.


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