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This morning on our way to school;

D: *in his carseat* “one….two….three”

Me: “Ok Diego time to get out of the car”

D: “No wait!!”

Me: “What’s up?”

D: “I need to save these three!!!” *opens his hand that is holding three ‘warm and loved’ cocoa puffs*

Me: “Ok D, let’s  just put them back in the bag and you can grab them after school.”

D: “No mommy I can’t, they will get mixed up”

Me: *stumped* “that’s ok honey they are all the same.”

D: “No these are for you, Rickey and Brother”

Ummm I’m not sure his face could have been any cuter….I promise…even cuter than the pic above! (if I do say so myself 🙂 )

Me: “how nice of you to share poppa!!, but it will be ok if you put them in the bag and then you can give them to us after school”

D: *now visibly annoyed* “MOM NO…….these three are for you guys, not the other ones…they need to be separate….”

So what did I do??

I wrapped the three cocoa puffs into a napkin so that they were separate and then placed them in the plastic bag.  It seemed very important to him, in fact he probably would have had a full on meltdown if I asked him to put them in the bag one more time. 

So once drop off was done and I was driving to work I started to think about the fact that I indulge a lot of  Diego’s obsessions and compulsions, especially the ones I think are harmless. 

I mean it doesn’t hurt anyone and I am challenging him everyday in other areas, so does it really matter? 

But maybe on a grander scale it does matter, because there will be someone at some point that will just treat these seemingly small things as an annoyance and not do as he requests.  How will he deal if I have not prepared him for this?

Eh just something to think about.

I have been questioning a lot lately as far as my parenting and interventions go.  Diego has started stimming, his hands are in his mouth all day everyday.  I have tried everything on the sensory side of things and nothing curbs it.  But from what I have read about stimming it helps calm him and allows him to  concentrate. 

So should I really try to stop it?? 

I mean aside from the fact that a katrillion (yes a katrillion) germs lurk on his hands any given day.  His hands are not bleeding or chapped so should I just carry hand sanitizer everywhere we go and let him go to town???

Ahhh I am so confused….

Thoughts please!!

We had a nasty little earthquake last night. 

I hate earthquakes so much. 

There is no warning for when they are coming and no idea of how big they will be until after they happen, this makes an earthquake the worst natural disaster in my opinion.  Last night the ground moved and their was an eerie rumbling sound.  Usually when we have an earthquake they house kind of sways, but I promise the ground moved under my feet and it was a trip.  Poor Lyric just about had a heart attack and Diego was indifferent.  We had the boys hang with us in the living room for a bit, but eventually put them back to bed when it seemed like the earth had settled for the night.  As I was tucking D in he gave his reasoning for why earthquakes happen.

D: “I know why earthquakes are here mom.”

Me: “you do??, why??”

D: “It is the earth talking to us.”

Kind of deep right?? 

Especially when you think of all of the damage being done to our planet right now (read BP disaster). 

I was watching “Life After People” on the History channel late last night and it was quite an eye opener to all of  the harmful things that we do to our environment that we really don’t realize.  I have never been a super “green” person, but may start taking some baby steps onto that path.


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  1. A sweet story!
    Did you call him “Popa?”
    I’m curious because I’ve heard moms call their little girls “Mommy,” as in “Put that back, Mommy, we have some of those at home,” while grocery shopping.
    Now, the little girl is obviously not a “Mommy” so why does her Mom call her that? I’ve heard this many times from different women. Is it a cultural thing? Why would a child be called Mommy or Popa? Can you enlighten me?

    • Hi Leslie,
      In my family we use it as a term of endearment, I think it is a latino thing :). My mom calls me mami all of the time and I have called the boys papa forever 🙂

  2. GREAT post Shivon!
    The cocoa puffs story is beautiful! And what a great mom for wrapping them up for him!
    And personally. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with indulging these little obsessions – as ASD parents, we deal with ENOUGH already, I think we really need to “choose our battles” and if it isn’t hurting anyone, than I don’t think it really matters.
    He is still little and you are just being a caring mom by not stressing him out over the small stuff that really doesn’t matter.
    Personally, I don’t think that it’s necessary to “stop” the stimming. As you said, it helps him to calm himself and concentrate. And they do move on when they’re ready.
    In fact, I only realised when I read this that my Harry has stopped chewing and licking! And I only wrote a post complaining about this a month ago!
    Bugger the hand sanitizer! I gave up trying to protect my son from germs. It was too bloody hard in the end!
    And I LOVE the philosophical approach that Diego took to the earthquake. How inciteful and gorgeous! And VERY deep!
    Sorry for such a long comment. I just got SO MUCH from this wonderful post 🙂


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