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After venting to both Rickey and my mom last night about what happened at D’s appointment, they both made a good point.  What that psychologist saw in an hour and a half does not negate what we and the specialists see and know.  Rickey asked me why I was so concerned with a label from a neuro psych assessment??  Why am I not satisfied with what our play therapist, SLP, OT, and world-renowned neurologist have told us?? 

I hate it when he has a point!! 😉

But seriously…..he is right….even the psychologist we saw yesterday didn’t mention a different treatment plan than what we are doing now based on what he calls Diego’s psych issues. 

The wonderful life savers that commented on my last post, had some fantastic advice as well.  What really sticks out in my mind is to have specialists around us that care about Diego and his progress.  I believe that we have that right now.  So my quest for a label from a neuropsych assessment will stop.  If the powers that be in the school district do not want to pay attention to the label we have received from the neurologist, they will most definitely  pay attention to the challenges Diego has.  I can’t predict the future and I can’t change what seems to be quite a stubborn thought process in others. 

I am at peace with this. 

I have to be.

There are other things on my plate that require my emotional energy and attention, like the impending custody battle and figuring out if this chromosome abnormality is an issue.

OH!!! and my wedding!!  

I can’t express the love and support that I feel from my online family and the family I have around me. 

I am so very blessed


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  1. Shivon as your mother I have a sense of pride by your strength, your intellegence, the mother you have become and the daughter you are. Be proud, and know that even though you don’t really believe this sometimes there is a lesson and a far greater lesson that we learn through our sufferings. I love you.

  2. You are the expert in your son. You know what he needs. You know his challenges (just as you know and delight in his strengths.) You will find him what he needs, no matter what they choose to call him.

    • You what was even more infuriating?!? When I asked him what he proposed that we should do for D’s challenges, he said “well let’s not focus on what’s wrong..”
      I think I wanted to punch him in the face at that very moment!!
      But I calmly replied that on a regular basis I celebrate all of the fantastic things he does, but that this appointment wasn’t about his strengths it was about identifying the areas that he needed assistance in and coordinating the help….whew that man was something else!! 🙂

  3. Also, here in Australia, we obviously diagnose differently thru different specialists etc so that’s why I haven’t commented on all of your points!

    For example: I don’t know what an IEP, and SLP are and we don’t have to go thru a neurologist.

    We go to our local GP, who refers us to a peadiatrician and they can either diagnose themselves or refer us on to a psychologist for further evaluation if they feel it’s necessary.


    • hey Ms Fiona,
      An IEP is an individulaized education plan, basically a law here in the states called IDEA, mandates that children with special needs are accomodated based on their level of educational need and that they receive their education in the least restictive environment.
      The school district here in San Diego has no money and are essentially evil. 🙂
      I started that battle in Feb of this year. I hired an advocate and the tone of the district changed immediately. SLP is a speech and language pathologist :).

  4. Wow. I love your heartfelt and honest writing. It moves me every time!

    Something that I haven’t written about in my blog yet is that we are pretty convinced that my daughter (my eldest) also has aspergers.

    I have 5 ASD mum’s as friends who see the autistic traits in her, my mum, husband and I see it and so does the special needs department at her school. One of these ladies went away on a yr 5 excursion with her year for 3 days and she observed SO much of autism in those 3 days.

    Yet………..we are still struggling to her her diagnosed.
    Because her brothers are both displaying behaviour issues, it is more obvious but she is introverted and takes flight in times of stress instead of acting out.
    My opinion is that medical professionals can bite me because, they don’t live here, they don’t know her like we do and they certainly don’t care like we do.
    For now we’ve decided to stop pushing and treat her as though she does have autism and when the time is right, we will go down those channels again…..better prepared!
    AS you said, you have SO much on you plate right now and they are all big things that are exhausting!
    Let’s be honest…….life is So bloody hard! I’m so happy that you have a wedding to look forward to. Congratulations!

  5. Dontcha hate it when our men have valid points and deflate our raging emotions? 😉

    Have you checked out Jen Laviano’s blog? She’s a SpEd attorney in CT but writes the BEST stuff with tips for parents, IEP mtgs, etc. The thing she’s said in a variety of ways which sticks with me is (to paraphrase) that it doesn’t matter if the label is medical or educational; if it impacts a child’s ability to access his education then addressing it is a necessary part of his education. (She uses an example of a child w/severe school anxiety who needs counseling; it’s the school’s responsibility to provide or pay for it!) When someone in an IEP says “Oh, that’s medical not educational,” Jen’s advice is to simply shrug and say “All I know is my son needs it” and then let the lawyers figure it out if they have to.

    Her web site is awesome. Here’s the link:


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