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I am not crazy…..I do not think that it is a coincidence that my son has severe social anxiety, a pragmatic language impairment, OCD traits, ADHD traits, and a Sensory Processing disorder.

I went to see a psychologist for a second opinion  in hopes of getting Diego the extra help he needs. This man is published and very experienced. I came  prepared with every single report ever written about Diego.  Today was the actual assessment.  After 90 minutes the psychologist said that he believes Diego’s issues are behavioral and blamed it on what I listed above, and possibly the chromosome abnormality.  He didn’t take more than ten minutes to sit and answer my questions, and when he briefly listened to my concerns he maintained that is was all because of all of the things listed above.  He said that he doesn’t agree with me, D’s teacher’s, the Neurologist, the play therapist, or the team that facilitated D’s social skills group.  

I told him that I’m not sure that I agree with him. 

He did say that he is going to send somebody to observe Diego in school, but in the same breath dismissed ASD.  I understand that Diego’s age may play a factor in all of this.  I have read numerous accounts from other parents, whose children have Asperger’s, about how hard it was to get somebody to listen, how much they had to fight and how diagnosis doesn’t come until much later in a child’s life. 

While this doesn’t leave us much worse of than we were before, it leaves me questioning myself.   

Is it a coincidence?? 

Are all of Diego’s issues pysch along with all of other things?? 

Or am I right in my thoughts that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck?? 

I don’t know if all that I am doing is right for Diego, I don’t know if I am wrong to be convinced that this is Asperger’s….I just don’t know. 

I’m tired, stressed, confused, mad, worried.  All I know is that if I had the choice, everything would be “typical”.

He definitely stressed follow up with the geneticist and that if something was lost when the chromosomes switched that it may explain all that is going on. 

Who really f*cking knows?

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  1. Fekkin egos – I need to send you the link to a post about our first neuropsych debacle. To this day I still fantasize about her gagging on her Harvard degree. In the meantime, a coupl. Of questions …

    Did the psych really do a full neuro-psych eval? Was there a parent survey portion? It should be part of the intake – ours has a comprehensive questionaire that goes to us and one that goes to her teachers as well. I hope I’m not adding stress, I’m just wondering how much info the doc can be getting in an hour and a half. .

    • I filled out a brief form, the psych didnt even look at it. I also brought a letter from Diego’s teacher which again he didn’t even look at. When I asked him to look at everything I brought, he said that “it didnt matter” as per his eval ASD is not the case…lol…amazing….Please send me the link!!

  2. therocchronicles

    That is so stressful–I’m so sorry that happened. Remember doctors are people too and they are most certainly flawed. I echo what Niksmom said, find another who isn’t tripped up over his own ego. Plus, always remember that you know your child best, you have done the research, you “get” him.

  3. i love you, i love you, i love you.

    Just so you know =)


  4. You should read this.
    I laughed so hard at it because she said EVERYTHING I’d ever wanted to say but didn’t have the guts to!
    It’s brilliant!

  5. The way he just dismissed everything really ticked me off as well! He had the audacity to say that due to a misspelling if Aspergers that our play therapist didn’t know anything about it. I explained that spell check changes the p to a b and im sure she didnt notice at the time, in fact in her second letter all was spelled correctly. Thank you both so much. I really wish you guys lived closer, nobody here can really understand….at least not how u ladies do.

  6. Yep, fiona’s right…it’s just an opinion. If I had listened to the opinions of two neurologists we saw early on in our journey Nik would currently be drugged into a stupor and classified as mentally retarded. He is NEITHER, thanks.

    What I don’t like about the doctor is his dismissive attitude. Sadly, you will find that with many “famous” (in their fields) doctors; their egos are big and they don’t like people telling them what to look for. Ask around and find someone who LOVES their kid’s doctor and then find out why. THen go see that doctor.

    You don’t need egos & credentials, you need someone who is going to be on Diego’s team and truly care about finding the answer(s) which will help him.

  7. I say, follow your mother’s gut instinct. God gave it to us for a reason.
    You are the one that birthed him, lives with him and therefore knows him best,
    Remember that even an ‘expert’ opinion is still ‘just’ an opinion.
    Good luck xx


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