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Mental Block with a touch of Random

The pic above is from D’s first Halloween and is purely for happiness purposes (it is my screensaver at work), just figured I’d share the cuteness 🙂


My brain is working overtime and I am sure I will post about most of it manana…it will probably be long, gramatically incorrect, but informative 🙂

I just can’t do it today, like emotionally and physically can’t…

So instead I will write about a quick exchange I had with my little monster the other day.

**Walking out of his classroom**

D: “Mommy look I have no hands!!” *his hands are obviously behind his back, as he is having this exchange with his back to*

Mom: “D are you pulling my leg?!? 🙂 ”

D: *stops abruptly, turns around, looks at his hands and then my legs* “Mommy, I am NOT pulling your leg…SEE!!!!”

**D then turns right  back around and keeps walking**

I didn’t even have a chance to explain what I meant,  as he immediately changed the subject to seals…I really have to remember to try and not use idioms with him 🙂

Our second opinion assessment is today…I need lots of thoughts and prayers that we get the answers we need!!  Thanks


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  1. That’s hilarious! I love their weird senses of humour!
    And the photo is soooooo cute!
    Also, I LOVE the new theme 🙂
    That quote is perfect isn’t it! So glad you used it! 😀 x

  2. That picture!!!! Cuuuute! Hoping these assessments go smoothly!


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