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Who Needs Language When You Have Words?!?

D had his speech evaluation yesterday, it is his second in a year and it showed what I thought it would.  Diego’s expressive and receptive language are average, he has the vocabulary of a six-year-old, but has an extremely difficult time putting these things to use in conversation.

Pragmatic Language Dysfunction.

If you would have told me two years ago that there was an issue of having the words and not being able to use them in conversation on a regular basis, I would have looked at you crazy.

Anyway the SLP was fantastic and she facilitated the last social skills group Diego attended so I really have trust in her assessment.  She gave me some pretty good ideas, most of which was the use of visuals. I use them for  his schedule, but I need to get better about that and use them in times I think he may have difficulties. 

Sounds great but per his current private school, they just don’t have the time for a visual schedule or the use of PECS

I think that I will have to have this added to his IEP for school next year as I’m not sure if it is on the current one.  The SLP also made it a point to note D’s lack of imagination and gaze avoidance, she thinks that it is worse than when he was with her in the social skills group back in August.  The plan of action is to start the new group sooner than later, and after that do one on one peer speech therapy. 


The next evaluation is with Dr Lincoln for a neurpsych and cognitive function evaluation.  This is the big one and I need major prayers, chants, or koombayas (whatever you do 🙂 ) sent my way so that he sees in a two-hour time period what I see everyday with Diego. 

Diego’s behavior has been on a nice streak for the past week or so, it has been fabulous!  If you take away the current subject matter of things being dead, heads being chopped off, or bugs “sucking the juice out of his brain”, I would say it has been one of the best weeks we have had in a long time. 

Diego has had a fixation on death, blood and all things gory.  He never says he will kill anyone, he only speaks of things dying, killing him, or thanks to his father’s poor judgement  bugs being the perpetrator of such things.  I guess Diego was allowed to watch a movie on television that had killer bugs and boy oh boy has Diego been perseverating on it!!  His father’s response when the psychologist asked him why he would let Diego watch this was that he wanted to “encourage Diego’s interest in bugs.”


Take his ass on a bug hunt in the backyard!!

The psychologist said this but in a professional manner.  It still seemed to go right over Diego’s father’s head. 

May 11th can’t get here soon enough 😦 . 

I’m not even guaranteed they will make a decision regarding custody at this court appearance.  They will probably just continue the matter like they do everything else.  I will ask that it not be continued out very far, but there is no guarantee of that.


Oh I almost forgot!!

Lyric has been chosen  to attend the Junior National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C this summer.  I am so proud of him.  The expense is quite steep, but we are going to apply for a scholarship and hopefully that will offset most of the cost.  He is very excited about it and is actually looking forward to writing the 300 and 500 word essays that he needs for the scholarship application.  The application is due Monday the 26th so he (with some help from me to get started) will be a busy little man for the next week.

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  1. His father should know better. I’d say the court should be made aware of his serious lapse in judgement. What’s next, letting your son watch “Silence of the Lambs” to help him develop an interest in gourmet cooking?

  2. Fingers crossed that the neuropsych eval is helpful. 🙂

  3. It’s never ending isn’t it! There is always SO much more to learn, do and pay for when it comes to our special kids *sigh*

    As for the evaluation coming up – it sounds terrible to admit but if my son has something like that coming , I give him food that sets him off, deliberately stress him out and change the routine so he gets to breaking point before seeing the health professional in question.
    Of course I have to deal with consequences later and it’s probably not very fair on my child either but I find bribing him with a trip to McDonalds later usually snaps him out of it pretty quickly!@
    Good luck.
    I’m pulling for you. ( I think you American’s say rooting for you?) But that’s rude over here LOL!


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