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Happy Autism Awareness Day!

Last night Diego had a tantrum, not a meltdown, a typical 4 y/o old, fake crying tantrum. There was no hitting himself or me, no head banging, no throwing of items, nada!

It was fantastic.

I know that might sound crazy, but he has been super ASD kid for the past two weeks and I can’t tell you the last time he had a “typical” tantrum. 

I really can’t…

Sleep has always been an issue for Diego, although I put him in bed at 8:30pm  he doesn’t usually fall asleep until 10:30-11:00pm and is very hard to wake up in the morning.  He takes a nap at school and that is currently our saving grace.  Do children still nap in kindergarten??  If not, his sleep issues may need to be addressed, because he will not do well.  Last night he finally passed out around 11:30pm but was awake at 5am wrestling his kid size plush Optimus Prime. 


At least he was in a good mood.

The schools are closed today and I asked my mom to watch both boys for a couple of hours.  She is pretty nervous about sitting with D.  I guess she even asked my sister what to do.  When I spoke with her yesterday I tried to explain that she should just treat him as she would any other child with a few minor modifications.  We went over those things and she seemed a bit more at ease.  Lyric will be there as well and his goofy faces always save the day :).

I hope that they will have a great time and that this will build her confidence when interacting with Diego.

*crossing fingers*

Today is Autism Awareness Day and Jess over at  Diary of a Mom has a fantastic post about why we should continue to get the word out

She is really fabulous with words and gets the point across beautifully.


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  1. therocchronicles

    We celebrate the funniest things don’t we?


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