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Diego: “Mommy if you work too much you will be a robot”

Hint taken my little one.

I haven’t posted in a few because so much has been going on.  From appointments to broken bones with a side of insomnia, it has all been quite interesting to say the least.

We had a visit with Rory the therapy dog this past Wednesday. 

Diego was quite anxious despite the social story we did for a few days , but he warmed up at the end and had a pretty good time. 

What was very interesting was Diego’s reaction to his anxiety.  He is usually decent in his interaction with adults, the give and take of conversation isn’t always where it should be, but it is ok.  On Wednesday when Rory and his handlers came, Diego was Super Asperger Boy.  I have never witnessed him carrying on such a one-sided conversation with an adult, none of us could get a word in edge wise and he didn’t notice one bit.  I was floored and am now kicking myself in the ass for not videotaping it to show the psychologist that we are going to for a second eval. 

Speaking of that second eval, the anticipation is keeping me awake at night, literally.  I need this man to see and document Diego’s issues, because without a psychologist’s (that has done an assessment) diagnosis we can’t get the people who need to, to listen (i.e school district, regional center).  Anyway so every night for the past week I have fallen asleep only to wake at 3am and stay awake until 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.  

No bueno…at…all.  I had no clue that I could be more tired than I already was.  The appointment isn’t until April 7th and I hope that I will get a good nights sleep before then…

Recently Diego’s anxiety has been pretty high and he has started to stim pretty badly.   

His current method??

Putting his fingers in his mouth constantly, he only used to do this on occasion at home and we attributed it to his need for oral stimulation. 

What he is currently doing is much higher in frequency (a.k.a all of the damn time). His liitle nails are bitten down as far as they can be and his fingers are not in the best shape.  At home he is biting toes as well, but at school he can’t get to them, so it is just his fingers.  I have sent the “P” to school with the hope that  he can be redirected to chewing that and that it won’t be too obvious to his classmates.  I have also ordered chewelery which may be more discreet.  I just hope it works, because besides becoming painful for him, the chewing of his own dirty pre-school fingers is just unsanitary!! 

As  for what is going down in recent Lyric news, he has decided that he wants to be a hardcore skater guy.  This decision resulted in  a very long time in the ER last night due to a  broken wrist…which forced me to miss my performance.  Now that my worry has passed, as Lyric is bandaged up and back at school today, I  have time to allow myself to be disappointed about missing out on  performing. 


But we are pushing through.



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  1. I have a just turned 6 yr old with PDD-NOS/Asbergers (does it matter, really?). He chews on and off. We figured out it was either him stimming or his darn 5 yr molars coming in. It lasted several weeks and then he stopped. He started up again a few weeks ago and it turns out the bottom molars are coming in. Also wanted to mention we got our diagnosis from a neurologist instead of psych. School district accepted it without blinking. Don’t know if that helps you or not, but it may give you another option.

    The therapy dog sounds awesome! I’d love to hear more about it!

    Hope Lyric is feeling better! I bet he thinks the cast it ultra-cool.

    • Our diagnosis is from a neurologist too ( a very well-known neurologist), but if California can find a way not to pay for something they will :)…I hate it.

  2. therocchronicles

    Oh, the anxiety induced insomnia! I know that all too well and all the well intentioned advice did not help, so I won’t offer you any–other than to say once some decisions were made I slept again (until I had another bout of “aii”! that doesn’t help does it?) Sorry for all the recent stress, hope you get some down time to recharge soon!

  3. Oh no! So sorry it’s all been hitting at once! Hope Lyric heals soon, you sleep some, and Diego stops chewing his fingers to a pulp! Oy. Sending hugs.


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