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I would like to send a big shout out to Diego’s Sensory Integration Disorder!!

We made our trip to the lab yesterday and Diego was anxious leading up to, but didn’t cry, kick or scream when it came to blood draw time! 

In fact he said it didn’t hurt!

(YAY!! Hypo-Sensitive Processing!! For once you work in our favor!)

I was all prepared for a major tantrum, but he did fantastic.

Once we got home, my mobile rang and it was the lab…apparently they forgot to draw for one of the tests, the five large tubes of blood they filled didn’t contain the right one for one of the tests they needed.

Sweet Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus!


So bright and early today,I got to take my morning monster Diego to get his blood draw….again.

He is not a morning kid…at all.

He argued with me but did not throw a fit…

I would like to take a moment to thank the Phineas and Ferb Fruit Snacks for the fantastic bribery.

Once he got to school his teacher made a very big deal out of his bravery. Then his friend/school mom Linda came up, hugged him and told him how brave he was with the needle.

I love her 🙂

Diego went off  by himself to play with the Magna Doodle. 

I think it was all a bit much for him. 

But all in all it wasnt the disaster that I was prepared for.


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