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Trying to Stay Positive

The picture below is from our play date on Sunday….it only took about five times and lots of persuasion to get them all looking at the camera :)..notice the sea animal book at Diego’s side, there was no leaving that in the

Now on to the blog….

I have decided that we need a second opinion psychological evaluation.  I have been going back and forth about this for the past few weeks, but a conversation with my mom this morning helped me make my final decision.

I figure it can’t hurt.

The doctor we will be seeing comes highly recommended and is covered by my insurance (amen to this!!). 

So I am hoping  more like praying, that this in addition to the metabolic and genetic testing and the new speech evaluation,  that I will get an idea of what Diego needs to progress. 

I feel so lost right now. 

But I promised myself that I would focus on the positive things going on in this blog entry.

I met with Diego’s elementary school on Friday.  The school psychologist and principal sat down with me and we discussed Diego’s strengths and challenges, they were open, and it was so obvious that they cared.  The principal said that she ahs a teacher in mind that has taught students on the spectrum before and that she will send her to additional autism inclusion training  before this school year ends. 

Fabulous right?!?

In June we will meet again with the current Special Ed team that is assisting Diego so that they can do a hand off to the team at the elementary school.  The best part for me was that when I mentioned the possibility of a one on one aide for Diego neither one of them flinched.  It is currently in Diego’s IEP that he get a Peer Buddy once the school year starts and I am interested to see how that works, hopefully an aide wont be necessary.

After the meeting some of my anxiety over Kindergarten was alleviated.

I am so thankful to have the friends (online and in person) and family that I do.  I am not sure what I would do with out the support that each one of you provides.  I have never been good at receiving, but boy oh boy have the past six months been a boot camp in accepting that I am not perfect and cant do it all by myself.

Who knew 🙂 ??

I only hope that I am as good to each one of you as you have been and continue to be to me.

I love you guys

The best thing about this weekend??

Yesterday morning at the end of our wake up routine of deep pressure massage as we say good morning to each body part, and clothes fresh out of the dryer, Diego nuzzled into my neck, grabbed my ears and whispered…

“You are so beautiful mommy”

There is no better way to start the morning than that.


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  1. The process of working on an IEP for our boy’s K year was gut-wrenching. He has never been diagnosed with anything neurological and proved quite a puzzle to the child study team last year. I have used the SPD label because the school is willing to provide OT with it. My son had a one-one aide to start out this year and now he has no aide. This was a rapid improvement, but I still wonder if there is an underlying condition that is comorbid with his SPD. I went with my gut instincts and still kept my head on straight. Things improved, but i am constantly vigilant. I see days when his affect at home is regressed, but he is a much happier child and is functioning in school. There were days this past year when I felt we were going backwards. Hold the line! Your gut is right, just keep your head focused.

  2. therocchronicles

    It sounds like there are some people in the school that care! amen for that! getting another opinion is never a bad thing.

    And “you are so beautiful mommy” oh my, what a love!

    Stay positive–you have a lot going on right now, and a lot that is going RIGHT with your boy. You’re doing a great job!

  3. Awww, that melts my heart. What a sweet boy.


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