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There will be no language exercises with D tonight, the guys are on their own for dinner, and not a lot of conversation with Rickey on my part.

There will be a glass of wine, tears, a lot of research, and a lot of preparation.

I am sad at the revelations of today.


I am appalled at all that transpired today.

To hear from my advocate that in order for Diego to successfully transition to kindergarten in a public school where the teacher to student ratio is much larger than he has now will require a special day class or a personal aide was not something that I was prepared for. 

My heart fell into my stomach and the tears rolled down my cheeks.

During the course of my discussion with her, I realized that she was absolutely correct. 

I am frustrated by my naivety at my idea of Diego being able to cope in a regular class with accommodations,  just another symptom of denial in all of this.


I am thankful to God for sending me this advocate, not just because of the info above, but because the San Diego School DIstrict has proven to be more evil than I thought.

I had some words with Dracula today, not very pleasant ones.  I knew that this was going to be a fight, but now I am aware of just how big of a fight this is going to be. 

Dracula and her cohorts play dirty. 

It shouldn’t be this hard to get my son the education he deserves. 

The IEP meeting is tomorrow. 

I will post the results…


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  1. Yep, what Jess said. Also, listen to your advocate; she knows how to play the game with the dirty players and can help you get Diego what he needs for supports.

    The denial runs deep and strong sometimes…in ALL of us. Don’t beat yourself up, just accept it for what it is and move on. And ALWAYS remember that no matter what supports Diego might need to level the playing field with his peers (1) he’s still your same sweet, wonderful little boy and (2) it’s only what he needs right now in this moment…it’s about helping him build a strong foundation so he can do more independently as he grows. Needing supports now is NOT a prediction of his long-term future. Stay focused on the present. xo

  2. Breathe – and just remember that as much as they may know, YOU know your son.

    Stay strong, girl. And do NOT beat yourself up – you hear me? Don’t make me kick your ass.


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