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Diego’s fantastic model child day was followed up by today, which happened to be one of the hardest days he has had at school in a long time.  

His teacher had a list, but I had to pick  just one thing to address with D at home.  His attention span isn’t the greatest after school.

Diego apparently threw a car at another child’s head :/.

Diego doesn’t usually  hit or get violent with other children so this surprised me. 

Once we got home the conversation went like this:

Me: “Diego, Ms Gabby told me you threw a car at *Josh’s head today.

Diego: “No, I threw it at his mouth.”

Me: “Ummmm OK…..were you mad at Josh??”

Diego: “No.”

Me:  “Did Josh hit you??”

Diego: “No.”

Me: “Did Josh take a toy away from you??”

Diego: “No.”

**I’m running out of ideas here**

Me: “D look at mommy, what happened with Josh??”

Diego (looks at me for a second and then averts his eyes): “He won’t be my friend”

(insert the sound of my heart breaking here)

Me: “That must have hurt your feelings.  I’m sorry he won’t be your friend D.” 

Diego: “Yeah”

Me: “When people hurt our feelings we can use our words to tell them that they did.  We absolutely cannot throw things at them or hit them.”

Diego: “Yeah”


This sucks.

(* not his real name, I always change their names 🙂 )


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  1. =(
    That hurts
    I wish I could be his Aide….

  2. ‘ .. cause sweetie, you have words you can use. leave it to mama to throw something at the little asshat, ok?”

  3. therocchronicles

    Aw, that’s so hard to hear. The friend stuff is some of the hardest. Hoping for a good day today!

  4. Oh, honey, that hurts. But, on the bright side, Diego was able to tell you why he was upset with the other boy. I’m sorry he had such a rough day today. Sending good thoughts for tomorrow…a chance to start fresh!


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