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March Madness

Nope not basketball March Madness, I am referring to the March Madness that is my life!

I have been running non-stop since Diego’s assessment 02/26/2010.  Due to a wonderful person I have been put in touch with an advocate who will hopefully be attending the IEP meeting with me this Friday.  I can’t help but laugh at how ironic it is that I am fighting to prove something that I wish would just disappear.  I wish that these people with the district would understand that I would love to wake up and


Diego does not have the issues he does.

Not gonna happen though.

I ran into the district SLP yesterday as she was leaving. 

She is one of those people that always have that happy “oh dear” voice.  It grated on my every nerve last Friday, and nothing was different yesterday.

Basically she could look at you, tell you to go f**k yourself and you would say “thanks! I sure will!” before you even realized exactly what was said.

Diego apparently had a fantastic day while the SLP was there.


Go figure. 

My child, the one that has to constantly be prompted to say good-bye and hello, looked the SLP right in the eye, waved his hand and said good-bye…

I could only laugh. 

Murphy’s Law at it’s finest. 

My only consolation there is that as she tried to talk to him on her way out he didn’t pay any attention.  ( he also didn’t say good-bye to the three people that called it on his way out…too bad she wasn’t there to see that)

Diego’s teacher told me that she made it a point to tell the SLP that Diego was having an exceptional day and detailed how an average day goes.  I’m sure the SLP brushed that right off.  So pessimistic right??  Eh not so much…I think more so realistic.

Last night I got my copies of  “Gravity Pulls You In” and I had a hard time putting it down.  My God!  It brought back so many memories of when Diego was younger.  How I used to swaddle him until he was a year old, how I fried my vacuum cleaner motor because it was the one of ONLY things that would make Diego stop crying, the tummy issues, the way he would sniff people as a toddler, the tantrums…..good lawd the tantrums!,  all of the times he “ignored” me when I called his name, or how he would sleep with my jersey knit dress because he loved how it felt. 

The book has also served as a much needed reminder that I am not alone in this, that I am not the only parent the school district has treated like a loony toon, and the foreword by John Elder Robinson is just perfect. 

I can’t wait to read more .

After our IEP meeting this friday, March Madness will keep going with court dates, and meeting with the new school to discuss what happens this upcoming Friday.  Oh did I mention full-time work, Diego’s appointments, raising Lyric, a speaking engagement, reading and studying to become the best social skills and behavior teacher I can for Diego at  home and maybe planning this wedding reception that is now 7 months away in true recession style??

WoooooSaaaaaa ( See the movie Bad Boys 2 for this reference)

I remember a time when all March Madness meant to me was a sports bar and some good basketball games.

My how things have changed 🙂


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