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A Visit

I just got a call from the SLP with the district and she wants to make a visit to observe Diego at school tomorrow.


Of course she can only be there for an hour…right after nap time

of course….

I hope Diego has such an awful hour! 

Is that wrong of me….to hope that Diego has a particularly rough time just to prove to these damn people that he will need help once he goes to kindergarten….and that he gets many accommodations now???

Please pray, chant, light incense, candles….whatever it is that each one of you do so that this woman sees what she needs to, to help my baby.


On another note my sister has decided to start a team to run for Diego and all proceeds go to the National Foundation for Autism Research.  The team is called “Go Diego Go”…lol….Please see below for info.  We appreciate your support. 🙂

5K Run/Walk in Balboa Park
The 6th Annual Race for Autism is a fantastic way to donate to the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR).  Our $30 donation will support the exploration of the development, investigation and implementation of innovative treatment programs and services for those with autism, like Diego.
It’s simple…
1.  REGISTER for the 5K run/walk:

2.  JOIN our team and select team name “Go Diego Go!”

**If you can’t make it that day, there is a ‘run from home’ option where         you can still donate and support**

3.  GRAB your running/walking shoes and Go Diego Go!


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  1. i know these moments so well – they run contrary t every instinct we have as mothers. i hope she saw what she needed to see!!


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