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I Am Not Crazy


After days like yesterday, I  second guess myself. 


I don’t know…

To the person that isn’t with D everyday for hours on end, he might just seem quirky….

Especially to the evil people of the school district. 

It is a dangerous thing that these people uneducated about ASD’s do. 

What if I trusted that with all of their education, that they knew my child best?

What if I didn’t spend hours researching and gaining the knowledge that I need to fight them?? 

What if I stopped everything I was doing for D simply because these “experts” said he was just fine??? 

I promise you that there is a less confident parent that this has probably happened to and it makes me livid!


 I am still reeling from yesterday. 

I still want to scream as loud as my voice will allow. 

I want to look at each person that questioned  and say that I didn’t ask for this!

I don’t have Munchausen’s By Proxy. 

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide that I would like my entire life to change!! 

There are reports of  the observations of numerous professionals that say so. 

Diego has Asperger’s. 

Rickey tells me that I shouldn’t let ignorant people bother me. 

That we know our baby.

I know, but damn, when you are repeatedly questioned for hours on end…it’s just….a lot.


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  1. Hi there I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and hadn’t commented yet. I just wanted to say that you really are the best expert on your child, you are doing a great job of advocacy for him, fending off vampires and their soul-depleting negativity! You know your little guy, so keep the faith that you are being the best mum you can for him, from what you post here, I think you are doing an awesome job.

  2. It is a lot, and even though you know you’re right, it’s got to hurt…asking for help, for services, and being questioned like that. Completely unfair.

    That core…that part of you that knows…just keep hold of it, even when you’re feeling shaken by these questioners. I know me saying it doesn’t really mean much…words are never enough. But you know, and those of us who read: we know.

    You and your little man are wonderful and tough…thank you for posting about all of this, the good times and the difficult ones.


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