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Wedding Bells??

Diego (visibly bothered): Diana said she wants to marry me!!!

Me: “Diana from school??”

Diego:”from the Big Nest”

(Diego’s preschool class is called the Big Nest and the kids refer to themselves as Big Nesters…its hilarious when a new therapist comes out and inquires about what the hell a Big Nester

Diego: “SHE IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!”

*don’t laugh out loud Shivon…hold…it…in*

Me: “Oh she did??”

Diego (shaking his head back and forth): “she is crazy”

Me: “She must think you are a nice friend”

Diego: “I’m not old”

Me: “huh?”

Diego: “IM NOT OLD!….you and my Rickey are old!”

*cringe* 🙂

Me: “Are you saying you are too young to get married?”

Diego: “yes, I told her I’m not old.”

Me: “That’s good honey you have plenty of time before you get married”

Diego: (walking away muttering) “she is crazy…”

Once he walked into his room I shoved my face into the pillow and laughed the hardest that I have in a while.  He was so bothered that if I even giggled in front of him, he would have lost it.  While Diego is disgusted by the prospect of marriage  at such a young age, Lyric has asked a girl to his 5th grade dance and then to be his “girlfriend”.


Are you serious?!?!?

When I asked him exactly what having a girlfriend meant , Lyric said that they play kickball at recess.

I’m not ready for this, not at all. 

What is God thinking dumping the girlfriend deal on my plate right now??


Then the next day,  I find out that the school is doing the Sex Ed discussion with Lyric’s class in a month. 



In the 5th grade?!?!

Then my logical thought process kicks in and I am reminded of the stories that my sister (who works with 11,12,and 13 year olds) tell me. 


My baby is growing up and I will continue to remind him of what is expected from him, while supporting him and trying to keep the lines of communication open.



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  1. If you can’t have Ricky come with you, look up for a Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) in your area. They are trained advocates to come sit with you, so you never feel like it is five against one. Besides that these advocates know how the school system works. Their services are free.

  2. what a funny scene with diego!

    oh thank goodness, this is still a ways off for me and my girls!

  3. Too cute! But Lyric – gah! I’m dreading this.


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