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Little Angels and Answered Prayers

I met with Diego’s teachers yesterday.  I was looking forward to this meeting so that I could get them up to date on things and meet with the new teacher.  The letter that was sent out about Miss Kali (the new teacher)stated that she had a lot of experience with children that had special needs, but I had no clue what kind of special needs. Come to find out Miss Kali is a certified ABA therapist and worked with kids on the autism spectrum back on the east coast.  


Are you serious GOD?!?! 

We went from clueless arrogant woman to ABA therapist!!


Needless to say the meeting was very successful, we discussed the challenges Diego was having, but also the strides that he has made.  For instance Diego has started playing with another child besides his two special friends (Tomas and Alonso).  I believe this is due in part  to the spectacular and wonderful little Miss Linda!

Linda has been in Diego’s classes since they were about 15 mos old and he is her buddy (whether or not he wants to be some .  Linda also happens to be the current top dog in their classroom.  I have noticed that some mornings Linda will go up to Diego and practically drag him to play with her.  Linda has a very motherly demeanor with Diego, and I really believe she has helped him interact with some of the other kids. His teachers have noticed this as well.   He may not be ready to go at it alone most of the time, but it seems that God has placed little angels around Diego to help him.

I am so thankful for the Lindas’, Tomas’, and Alonsos’ of this world.

I would love to tell their parents about how much of an impact they have had on Diego and I, but I am not sure if it would change the way they treat or have their kids treat Diego…you know, if they found out “exactly” what was going on with Diego.  I would like to assume that this wouldn’t be the case since their kids are so fantastic, but who knows?

Maybe I will send a little note at the end of the year…

I also told the teachers the “Bucket Story” and they laughed so hard that tears rolled down their faces.  I just wanted to drive home the point that while it may not seem like it, he does listen and process a lot of what goes on throughout the day


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  1. I’m so glad you have an ABA. I know we loved our licensed ABA. She made a world of difference.

  2. That is so fantastic. A good teacher makes all the difference in the world. 🙂

  3. Wow! That’s awesome. Wish we could find one of those therapist hanging around here! And the children in school? Fantastic!

  4. it has to be such a huge relief when people are involved who get it. so great that she has experience…nothing takes the place of having seen this issues and knowing the range of behaviors involved. invaluable.

    and he’s diego. how could they not love him?

    glad this went so well, very good news.


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