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**This entire post will be in italics, because somehow I randomly had  a paragraph put in italics and can’t reverse that  🙂 “**

**I just noticed said paragraph is black while the rest of the post is white??, I give up …lol**

Good news here is that I am just a stuffy sneezy mess.  

I will give the kombucha that Candace brought me most of the credit, I drank it this morning and felt so much better that I had on Friday or Saturday. 

Thank you Miss Candace!! Luv ya!!

Now on to the weekend re-cap.

Lyric’s birthday on Friday night, about 12 boys playing video games, eating pizza, and being stinky 🙂 turned out to be less work than I had originally thought.  Not counting the 30 minutes i waited in the Wal-Mart customer service line to exchange the generic PS3 controller for the brand name one that actually worked.  I should have known better, but Lyric and his friends had a blast and that is all that matters.

Saturday Morning I went to meet with Juan (the psychologist that works on parenting Diego with me) and like I thought Diego’s father did not show up.  I missed his call around 9am (an hour before the appointment) but he didn’t text or leave a voicemail, so I thought he might actually be there. 

Silly girl…

I really have to stop believing in people that aren’t worth it.  I called him after the appointment and he said that the reason for his absence was that I didn’t pick up the phone when he called that morning.


I stated very calmly that if the appointment had been cancelled, I would have called him. 

His response??

“I know.”

So I just told him that I was documenting it all and that the only person he was hurting was Diego

No response


Whale watching was interesting.  I wonder if that is the right word to describe the day??


Why not?

Diego enjoyed himself for the most part.  But it is pretty difficult to have patience when you may be the most impatient 4 y/o in life and patience is needed with whale watching.

I didn’t think about that 😦

So needless to say Diego had a few melt downs and of course I got “the look” each time. 

Especially when he would hit himself. 

These people looked at me like I should have been doing something more. What these random people failed to understand is that when we are in survival mode, there is nothing else  that can be done until the meltdown passes. 

All I can do is contain his hitting.   

But anyway, we saw whales and they were very beautiful. 

All in all it was a good time.   Lyric brought his BFF Angel and they amused themselves on the boat. 

Who knew 3.5 hours of whale watching would wear me and Rickey out so bad?!?!?! 

My old

On the way home Diego had to go #1 pretty bad and since the line to get out of the parking lot was so long, Rickey decided that Diego should have his first experience becoming “one with nature”.

Pure comedy.

I got the best pic of Rickey instructing Diego to pee on the wall, but I don’t think it is appropriate to post since Diego’s bum is all out.

It’s a really cute pic and one for the record books for sure

This morning Diego and I decided to remove the “Cars” decorations from his room and put up some ocean posters.  He and I went to Lakeshore and went a bit overboard, but I picked up some great things for his sensory bins and some beautiful pictures for his bedroom.  I also picked up some cards with pictures and suggestions on how to help stimulate language.  I am interested to see how Diego does with them. 

Now to put up those shelves that I have meant to put up for the past month.


All of  my energy has been spent cleaning a house that was severely neglected while I was sick. 

It was awful!! 

I still have so much laundry to do


tomorrow is Monday?!?!?


One day at a time…


and maybe some help from the men in this house?







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