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Happy Birthday Lyric

I woke up this morning to “sick moms need hugs” and a football tackle/hug from Diego. 

I love my little monster :).

Rickey must have mentioned I wasn’t feeling well hoping that Diego would go easy on me while I stayed home today.  Diego doesn’t do what he does on purpose, it is just him and he has a lot of energy.  But it was a nice gesture from Rickey and while the hug hurt my ill body a bit, the sentiment was beautiful.

I feel like there is a feather duster adorned with thorns in my throat and like my body has been flattened by a large truck a few times. 


I kept Diego home because the thought of driving anymore than I already had made me want to cry.  I barley managed to get Lyric, his cupcakes, and juice to school for his birthday.

Oh yeah thats right today is my oldest monster’s birthday and all I want to do is take some Nyquil and go to sleep!!

Fantastic (insert extreme sarcasm here)

My body has always had this funny way of telling me that I’m doing way too much, it’s called shutting down…*sigh*…..I am hoping to get as much rest as possible today and maybe tomorrow because there are going to be a bunch of stinky tween boys in my house tomorrow evening for a birthday party sleep over and then on Saturday we have a date with the whales.  I still haven’t even told Diego we are doing that yet.  The questions would be non-stop and when I’m sick my patience level isn’t the greatest. 

**(patting self on back)**good call Shivon**

Diego has done pretty good today.  He is trying his best to be very quiet, every so often in between trucks loudly crashing into each other he looks back and says sorry :). 

He means it too. 

The only thing that is killing me is the spinning, this is new.  He just spins himself for a very long time.  The room is already spinning today and this is almost too much to take.   I think that he might need more vestibular input and I think I am going to get him a hammock chair to help with this.  I just need to feel better to be able to get off of this couch and get things done!! 

I almost wrote  a poem yesterday….almost…but by the time I got home most of the words had escaped me.  This makes me very sad, I think I will just start to record the words and that way maybe I won’t lose them.  

Diego’s preschool has hired the new teacher.  She seems very nice and I am meeting with her next Wednesday afternoon.  Apparently she has a background with special needs children, I am very interested to learn more about this.  Anyone would have been better than the last one, but a teacher that gets “it” would be absolutely fantastic!! 

I can’t believe Lyric is 11 today.  I can’t believe that so far I have raised a well-mannered, educated, polite, and thoughtful young man (if I do say so myself 😉 ). 

If you would have told me Lyric would have turned out so great when I was 18 years-old,holding my five-pound preemie, I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy. 

I was so scared for the both of us.

God is definitely to thank for this as well as perseverance and determination. 

I told myself that there was no way in hell that Lyric was going to have pay for the fact that I was a young mother .  I have  made some mistakes along the way, but I have worked very hard to be all that I can to him. 

Hard work always pays off (must remember this).

Lyric is such a blessing to me, his brother, the rest of the family, and everybody he meets. 

He has this way of getting into your heart and taking residence.  His hugs are the best and he has such a compassionate soul.  I am excited to see what the future holds for him :).

Happy Birthday Lyric, I Love You.


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  1. aw, happy birthday beautiful boy (and congratulations, mama!!)

    feel better, you.

  2. *Crying* Lyric’s life has completely changed mine…..


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