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Diego’s father and I decided that since he wanted me to break down all the issues Diego is facing that we would do so Tuesday afternoons while Diego was in therapy.  Well yesterday was Tuesday and guess who didn’t show up until 4:55 (five minutes before Diego’s appt is over)??  When I said that I thought he was going to be there earlier, he said he was but didn’t come in because he didn’t have change for the parking meter. 

He was serious.

I swallowed my anger and said if that happened again to feel free to call me and I will go outside and put money in the meter.

I got no response.

I guess that I will have to wait and see what happens on Saturday.  I wonder if he will show up??

We go to mediation on 2/9….

I’m tired of begging him to get on board.  I can’t stand being around him in the first damn place but am willing to swallow my disgust to do what is necessary to help Diego. 


In nicer news we are going Whale Watching this Saturday, we haven’t told the boys yet, but I am so excited!!! 

I think that just in case we don’t see any whales that I will present it to Diego that we are going on a mission to find the Grey Whale and that we may not find any, but will have a fabulous time doing so. 

Hopefully avoiding a meltdown. 

The whale watching people guarantee a sighting, but I know better than to depend on that :).

I am slowly making progress on Diego’s sensory room.  I am just about finished with the tactile part of it!! 

Lyric continues to help with Diego’s sensory regulation, he now lets Diego drag him across our hardwood floors!  The OT thinks it is a  fantastic idea and Diego thinks that it is just the funnest thing ever. 

I just love to hear them laugh 🙂

I know that this is a short post, but work has been crazy and keeping me super busy!! Two of our doctors have been hospitalized, causing scheduling horrors which inevitably results in my getting cursed out quite a bit by the patients and we have a very important inspection all of this week. 

With all of this going on things are a bit more stressful than usual…

But I will remember to breathe….


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  1. When we did sensory diet with Jonathan, it was a lot of fun for the kids. Dragging around the floors, rolling up in blankets like hot dogs, building forts which collapsed on them, etc.


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