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Do I Fill Your Bucket??



Diego: “Mommy do I fill your bucket??”

Me: “Do you fill my bucket??  I don’t understand D”

Diego: “Do I fill your bucket?!?! The book mommy, the book”

**time to guess!!**

Me: “Diego did you read a book about buckets at school today??”

Diego: “Moooom if I fill your bucket, I love you.”

Me: “Oh so your teacher read this to you in school today??”

Diego: “Yes, so do  I fill your bucket??”

Me: “Oh yes Diego you fill my bucket with love very much!”

Diego: “you fill my bucket too mommy”

This made my day.  Sometimes I wonder if he feels just how much  I love him, and to know that he does means the world.

Later on that evening Diego was in the bathroom handling #2 (sorry if this is TMI but it is so worth sharing.)

Diego:  “Mommy, come wipe my butt”

Who wipes has been an ongoing battle.

Me: *from the living room…lol* “Diego you are a big boy and big boys wipe their own butts.”

Diego: “But im so tired!!!!!”

Me: “Diego if you don’t wipe your butt you are going to get worms in it and it will itch!!”

Drastic times call for drastic measures…im sayin’

*Kanye Shrug*


Bwahahahahaha!!! Sorry, it was hilarious.  Once I was done laughing (as quietly as I could) I responded…

Me: “Diego I love you and don’t want worms in you butt, so I am filling your bucket!”

Diego: “Oh ok, thanks mom….imma wipe my butt”

Sometimes I wonder what folks would think on any given day in this house…I love and wouldn’t trade the madness for anything!!

I met with the psychologist that helps me with parenting techniques for Diego on Saturday.  This was major because it is the first time Diego’s father agreed to attend. 

I called the psychologist in advance to let him know Diego’s dad would be there and went over the history of Diego’s dads denial of his condition.  He said that he would spend this first meeting going over Asperger’s and answering any questions Diego’s dad might have.  The appointment went better than I expected.  Diego’s father is still ignorant about it, but he is willing to learn and that is such a turn around in his behavior.  God does answer prayers.  We are still going to court, but I have discussed the new developments with my attorney and there will be a court order stating that Diego’s father has to continue to do so.  I am concerned he is only doing this because of the court proceedings, but I hope it isn’t.  Only time will tell.  I am excited that everything seems to be coming together.

My mom and sisters are amazing.  They have all rallied to help in whatever way they can to ease my load a bit and no matter how simple the thing done may seem to them,  it is so much to me and words can’t adequately express my gratitude. 

Lyric is turning 11 on Thursday the 28th, I can’t believe he is getting so big!!  Time flies.


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  1. I love the bucket story. Our children are so wonderful and amazing in the way they perceive things 🙂

  2. That is hilarious!!! I can just imagine that conversation in our house…Colin won’t wipe yet either…I’ll keep the worms in my back pocket just in case i need them 🙂

  3. Isn’t it great what our children pick up at school? Well, for the most part. There are some not so good things they pick up.

    I love the fill my bucket conversation in your house.


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