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Monster Trucks Don’t Dance!

When we had Diego’s first Psych eval back in August of 2009, the psychologist stated that Diego had “great imaginative play” 


Indicator numero uno that she didn’t know what she was talking about, at least in regard to my son.

Diego is quite rigid in his play and the rigidity has only increased.

I am glad that the play therapist mentioned it yesterday as it further proves that I am not crazy.

Affirmation of what I already know about my mental state feels fantastic!

Before Diego’s appointment yesterday, he and I were  playing monster trucks in typical monster truck fashion

*see crushing and crashing*

I grab my monster truck and start to make it dance.

Diego stopped playing and gave me the best “what the hell are you doing” look I have ever seen!!

Me: “Diego look! The monster truck can dance!”

Diego: “No, it can’t mommy.”

Me:  “No really watch him shake his bootay!!”

Diego: “Mommy you are not supposed to say potty words”

**I love it that he corrects when me when I say bootay, but not when I drop the more than occasional “oh shit”…sorry …im trying :)**

Me: “oh yeah…sorry about that, but look the monster truck dances”

Diego: “No it drives and crashes”

**time to push a little harder**

Me: “Why can’t it dance??”

Diego:” It is a monster truck”

Me: “But look, mine is dancing!”

Next thing I know Diego took the monster truck out of my hand and proceeded to make it crash into the other truck.


Poor kid was visibly annoyed with me, but it is my job to keep pushing *kanye shrug*

God knows it is less about getting  the monster truck to dance  as it is about reducing his rigidity and getting him to see outside of the box.  Which will ultimately help him later in life.

So tonight….we are going to have a monster truck dance party!!!!


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  1. omg .. i’ve been here .. ok, not monster truck ‘here’ specifically, but here ..

    up for a suggestion from a mom who beat her head against a wall trying to broaden out play schemas?

    start with baby steps ..

    make the monster truck crash into something else (rather than another monster truck) – maybe a dinosaur or a robot or something else that he likes. let them crash it up for a while. still pushing the boundaries, but respecting the fact that to his mind, monster trucks crash.

    then maybe after he gets used to the idea the dinosaur/ robot guy could start to dance. (cause dinosaur / robot guys DO dance). and perhaps, just perhaps, they could convince a monster truck to join them.

    good luck! one way or the other, i’m betting there’ll be a dance party in your future 🙂

  2. Maybe you can get hubs and brother to have dancing trucks too. Then it will be a party.

  3. I’m laughing at him correcting your “potty mouth!” Oh, so familiar. “Mommy, don’t say ‘crap'” But…WHAT THE #($* gets a giggle.

  4. I was already planning on stopping by tonight, but now that there’s a DANCE PARTAAAAY I will bring my fancy pants too =)


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