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This post is not related to autism, but to our obligation to one another as brother and sister.

Haiti had a 7.3 magnitude earthquake yesterday, with at least 17 aftershocks all registering over 4.0.  This already tragically poor country has been devastated by this disaster.  Wyclef Jean a musician that has always been actively involved helping his people in Haiti has posted that if you text “YELE” to 501501 and then reply with yes you can make a $5 dollar donation to help the people of Haiti. 

Wyclef is currently in Haiti and has made the following statement ont he current condition of the country (Wyclef Statement)

I have done this.  I have also sent this info by email to every person on my contact list, both personal and work.

$5 is a cup of coffee at Starbucks to many of us, but if enough people do this it will be priceless to the  many that have lost what little they had. 

Hug your children today, tell somebody you love them, thank God for every single day…even the bad ones, because as cliché as it sounds it could all be gone in an instant. 

5 dollars and lots of prayer can go very far.  Lets do this


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