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Cry Baby

I need to toughen up when it comes to all things associated with Diego’s Asperger’s diagnosis. 

Currently any random sentence can bring me to tears. 

Rickey and I met with the therapists that facilitated Diego’s social skills group for the past 3 months.

I cried (happy) when I saw his progress on paper, he went from needing moderate to maximum assistance for most things social, to doing a lot of things spontaneously.  

I cried when they said he was moldable (hopeful). 

I cried when I thanked them for all that they have done (grateful). 

I cried when we left the appointment, now that stupid psychologist will have to eat her words and I have confirmation that I’m not “reading too much into things (validated).” 

Diego will be starting another social skills group in late spring/early summer.

I dropped Diego off this morning and despite all the progress he has made, he chose to grab a book and sit clear across the room rather than join any of the other kids playing together. 

I cried on the way to the car (sad).

I received an email response from the play therapist that Diego just started seeing and she mentioned that we should consult with a psychiatrist for Diego and had to leave my office to go to the bathroom to do what??

You guessed it…

Cry (scared)

In fact this just about put me over the edge.  I sent her a response asking why she thought we should consult with a psychiatrist and I am waiting for her response. 

Anyway the bottom line here is I need to find a way to stop crying at the mere mention/thought of things. 

I am about to embark on quite a hefty fight with the School District and Custody Battle. 

This is going to require composure. 

Lots of it.

Any suggestions??


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  1. i say…cry away. If you want to cry…cry. There’s no weakness in it and no shame. You have stuff to cry about!!!

  2. It takes time. Been 2.5 years since Heidi was diagnosed and I still find myself in tears whenever I read a book about aspergers or watch a show about it. Especially books written by people on the spectrum, always makes me so very sad.

  3. i say find a balance…a little compsure…but also? just cry sometimes. when you’re happy, upset, just cry and let it happen. nothing wrong with that. could be an outlet that works…all of that emotion has to go somewhere and crying is as valid a response as anything else.

    i’m not the biggest fan of composure. it works in theory, but people just feel things and need to react…composure can be a little stifling, unnatural. so. maybe that’s terrible advice, but i’m pro-crying.


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