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Yeah I’m not better, but this blog won’t whine

Yesterday was Diego’s first appointment with his play therapist.  He just goes back to the playroom with her while i wait for 50 minutes in the lobby. 

I had/have a hard time with this. 

Call me a control freak (you wouldn’t be the first 🙂 ), but I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t know exactly what was going on back there.  So I emailed the therapist a  few questions about what typically goes on in an appointment and will just have to deal with the rest of my control freak tendencies. 

I miss our social skills group.  It ended at the end of December and Diego was thrilled about it!! 

In fact he was so happy, when the speech therapist asked him how he felt about it being the end of the group, he yelled that he was happy at the top of his lungs.


I am really not so  happy about it.  In fact I’m kind of sad.  I didn’t feel so alone when I met up with the other parents every week.  The parents of the kids in this group “got it” and we talked and shared every week.  I am meeting two of the moms from our group for dinner Thursday and am looking forward to that so much.

Diego has mouthed things for the past couple of months and I have tried everything not to get chewy tubes or things of the like.   It may sound quite snobby of me , but I was having a hard time with the thought of my 4 1/2 year-old chewing on something that resembled a teether.

*ashamed shrug*

None of the foods on the oral motor checklist had helped and Diego was starting to mouth things (including his feet) much more so I gave in and bought him P’s and Q’s chewy tubes.  

They aren’t bad.  When I notice him mouthing something I just hand him one of those, he gnaws on it a good 15-30 min and then gives it back.   Definitely not as big and bad as I thought they would be.  He is actually learning to ask for them when he notices he needs the oral input. 


I keep the P in the house and the Q in the car both wrapped in plastic after cleaning. 

God forbid I mix these up. 

Diego reminds me (loudly) that P’s are for the house and Q’s are for the car and refuses to use them any other way.

This past weekend was beautiful in San Diego so I decided to hit the park with the boys.  Lyric ditched me to hang with my sis at the arcade so it was just me and Diego.  Diego played for a bit on the playground, but spent most of his time collecting sticks.

While we were at the park a little girl,about 3 years-old, was looking curiously at Diego collecting the sticks.  Diego just looked at her strange and went on about his stick collecting business

Me: “Diego, why were you looking at the little girl??”

Diego: “She was looking at meeeee!!!!”

**at least he noticed**

Me: “Well Diego, maybe she wants to play?”

Diego: “No, she doesn’t”

Me: “Okay…how do you know she doesn’t want to play with you??”

Diego: ” She has her mom for that”

I tried to make this a teachable moment and took a few minutes to explain to him that most of the time kids like to play with each other and not just their mommies.  I tried to explain the give and take of this social interaction on 4 year-old terms, but stick collecting was definitely the priority. 

Hopefully some of our little conversation stuck 🙂


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  1. Heidi uses a chewy tube also, we have a T shaped one. It sure beats the heck out of her chewing on her fingers until they are bleeding and painful – and even then she still chews because she needs it so bad. Apparently chewing helps our kids to focus which is a good thing. I’ve been researching chewable pencil toppers for when Heidi starts school so she does not stand out so much from the other children. Luckily we’ve got 12 months to figure it out.

  2. “Diego reminds me (loudly) that P’s are for the house and Q’s are for the car”

    hee, this is funny. i love his thinking, the way his mind works. glad you’re getting to meet with a few parents from the now defunct group, curious to see how that goes. sounds like comfortable people…like you said, people who “get it”. i hope they can meet, hang out regularly…and hopefully something else will pop up that you and diego can participate in, those groups can be life savers.

    thanks for these descriptions, look forward to more.


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