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Paranoid or On To Something??

Diego has major issues with handwriting.  The OT and I keep attributing it to his fine motor/visual motor delay, but watching him yesterday on his white board I noticed a few things: his letters vary in size, he can’t stay within lines and they face different ways.  I mentioned this to Rickey and he said not to worry about it…


I googled it this morning and found dysgraphia. 


Dysgraphia can be seen in: 

Dysgraphia is not: 


Dysgraphia is defined as a difficulty in automatically remembering and mastering the sequence of muscle motor movements needed in writing letters or numbers. This difficulty is out of harmony with the person’s intelligence, regular teaching instruction, and (in most cases) the use of the pencil in non-learning tasks. It is neurologically based and exists in varying degrees, ranging from mild to moderate. It can be diagnosed, and it can be overcome if appropriate remedial strategies are taught well and conscientiously carried out. An adequate remedial program generally works if applied on a daily basis. In many situations, it is relatively easy to plan appropriate compensations to be used as needed.

Dysgraphia is an inefficiency which seldom exists in isolation without other symptoms of learning problems. While it may occasionally exist alone, it is most commonly related to learning problems involved within the sphere of written language. Difficulty in writing is often a major problem for students, especially as they progress into upper elementary and into secondary school. Rosa Hagan has stated, “Inefficiency in handwriting skills provides a barrier to learning, whereas efficiency in basic handwriting skills provides a tool for learning. Once this tool is established, it can help reinforce many other areas kids are having difficulties with.”

Dysgraphia is common in our babies on the spectrum.  It may be too young to tell if Diego is indeed suffering from this written language disorder, but I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that it is so. 

I had the same feeling when I thought Diego may have Asperger’s. 


Mother’s intuition is real, but so is the overtime my brain puts in on a regular basis.  I figure I am doing all I can if he does have it, he is in OT and is getting the district assessment in February. 

I will definitely file it away to keep a major eye on as he enters Kindergarten and in the meantime I will continue to work on handwriting at home.

We have had a fantastic couple of days, Diego actually apologized and hugged Lyric (without prompting) when he played a bit rough with him.  His rage has been at an all time low since it started, and he even got in on some of the NYE action before Rickey and I went out for some adult New Years fun.  

I have learned to cherish the easier days because rough ones are ahead. 

San Diego is beautiful today, so I think I will take the boys to Balboa Park and run around for a bit. 

Pictures to come!!


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  1. I hope your battle with the schools is more successful than mine over the issue of dysgraphia. Mine has been going for four years now.


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