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For the Birds

Diego has a hard time regulating his appetite and frequently gets hungry while he is in bed, so I always leave a little snack and some water on his nightstand. 

This morning I walked into Diego’s room to wake him up and there were almonds all over his floor!

Me: “Diego, why are there almonds all over your floor?”

Diego: “The birds were hungry.”

Me: “The birds?”

Diego: “I was feeding the birds”

***feeding the birds really??  we have never fed birds in life…..he must have got it from the television.  It is scripted imagination, but I will take it***

Me: “Oh (pointing to the pterodactyl on the ground) so you were feeding that bird on the ground?”

Diego: “Moooom, that is not a bird, that is a pterodactyl”

Me: “Oh yeah thats right, I just thought you might be pretending it was a bird”

Diego: “It’s a pterodactyl.”

Me: “Yeah I know, honey lets only feed birds outside ok?”

Diego: “Alright”

Diego: “Mom is your brain craze?”

Me: “Huh??”

Diego: “Is your brain craze??”

Me: “Honey I don’t know what craze is.”

***Is he asking me if im crazy??***

Me: “Diego do you mean crazy?  Are you asking me if my brain is crazy?”

Diego:(laughing) “crazy mommy”

***mental note: stop calling myself crazy around the youngin’ :)***


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  1. I’m sending a blogging award your way. Just come pick it up at my place.

  2. Jonathan apparently has been getting up for midnight snacks for awhile. I discovered this as I was cleaning out his room one day and found lots of empty wrappers. He’s so skinny, how can I be upset with him? I only keep “healhty” snacks available…not the greatest, but not the worst either…gel fruit snacks, pretzels, pop corn, individual bags of chips, dried fruit, etc.


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