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Christmas Holiday

Christmas started kind of rough.  Every year Diego celebrates the holiday on Christmas Eve w/ his father and his father’s family, and every other year I pick him up from the midnight celebration.  This year was one of those years. When I got to his father’s family’s house I could tell right away that Diego was out of sorts, he couldn’t focus, was aimlessly walking around, and why not??  It was midnight and he has been up all day until that time.

We finally walked to the car and he started screaming about some DVD.  I told him he could have the DVD later and then the biggest tantrum I have ever experience ensued.  He was screaming his loudest and kicking his hardest.  I had no clue how I was going to get him in the car, he is so strong and kicked me pretty hard in my stomach. Poor baby, he was so upset.  My sister helped me basically force him into his car seat after I tried to calm him down for about 15 minutes, he was completely unreachable.  The tantrum went on for the 15 min ride home and he calmed down once we got into the driveway.  He was so tired and sick from his tantrum, it was heartbreaking.  Once we got into the house, I got him cleaned up and we watched cartoons until he finally fell asleep.  I didn’t sleep well at all. 

I have decided when we go back to court I am asking that the Christmas schedule be modified.  He can’t handle his schedule being disrupted that much. 

Hell I can’t handle it either!

The kids got up Christmas morning and started opening presents.  D was over it quickly, so I helped him open the rest of his gifts.  Diego is absolutely in love with his sea animal book and safari light (like I knew he would be), and Lyric is in love with everything he received (he made out like a bandit :)). 

 The rest of the day was spent cooking, cleaning and learning new toys with Diego.  We were going to have Christmas dinner at my mom’s house and in preparation for this I had sent her The Autism Holiday Letter.  When she received it she called me right away and said that she was already preparing her bedroom in case Diego needed his own space. 

Yay Grandma!! 

This was major and words can’t express how much I appreciated the thought and effort put forth by her. 

Dinner went great, there was lots of love and lots of laughs. 

I do wish Diego was out in the action more but he said it was too loud and preferred to eat his PB&J and watch Christmas cartoons in my moms room.  He did come out and join in for a bit, and I am thankful for that. 

Once dinner was done I went and hung out in the room with Diego, and a string of people followed one at a time. I could tell he enjoyed his company. 

We all had a nice night. 

Later on that night Diego asked about the christmas tree and I told him we would be getting rid of it soon.  He said that he would cry and asked if we could keep it.  I explained to him that it would get old and fall apart, but im not sure that was enough. 

We will cross that bridge in a week or so. 

Maybe I will write a christmas social story dealing with the disposal of the christmas tree?? 


That might work!!

I am enjoying the shorter workweek and the tiny break from our crazy therapy schedule.  It all starts again the first week of January.  I am in the process of creating Diego’s sensory room and look forward to it being completed.  I have noticed that the sensory diet really helps him!!  Thank God.


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  1. Thank you for the encouragement Corrie. I am blessed that they are trying their hardest

  2. Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things to help him and your family. And it sounds like your family is supporting you. I’m so happy for you!


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