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Diego (while eating buttered raisin toast) :Mom, why is the bread squishy?? Who made it this way??  God??”

Me: “ummmmm Him and butter”

Diego: “OK, sing Rudolph!”

Diego randomly brings up God.  I say randomly because Diego doesn’t attend Sunday school.  We speak about God on occasion, but not to the point that he would talk about him as often as he does. 

One day my sister came over and Diego looked at her and said “I pray for you” 

This and other things lead me to believe that Diego must have ongoing communication with The Man upstairs.  I wish that I could remember some of the other things he has said out of the blue. 

But, exhausted mommy brain is in full effect. 

Nevertheless thinking of this relationship he has with God is comforting to  me. 

As long as Diego has Him guiding him, he will be ok.

In the meantime I will continue to pray that God continues to assist me in getting through all of this. 

Tonight we are baking christmas cookies and cupcakes for Diego’s teachers, and finally going to make it out to the Belardo Lights Display

All of the while singing christmas carols at the top of our lungs.  According to Diego “mommies know the words to all of the Christmas songs” 

I will keep it to myself  that I had to brush up on quite  a few via the internet

Preparation folks….preparation. 🙂


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  1. I’ve read and I believe that our children do have a special sense of God. I know my Jonathan has a discerning understanding of God by the comments he makes too.


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